Gorgeous Spring and Summer Window Box Ideas that Will Stop You in Your Tracks

Window box planters add huge amounts of charm, personality and curb side appeal to a home. Here are some beautiful, creative window box planter ideas to inspire you!

You’ll notice in a lot of the photos the common idea of using a thriller, spiller and filler planting formula. This is a way to describe the types of plants to put together in a window box or container to create a beautiful, full, lush look. A thriller plant creates height in your arrangement, a spiller plant will naturally drape over the sides of the container or window box, and filler plants are medium sized plants to fill in the spaces around and between the spiller and thriller plants.

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Pussy willows added to any planter symbolize spring, and adding them to the white cyclamen flowers looks beautiful together.


Adding cool weather flowers for spring window boxes such as pansies, daffodils, hyacinths can be swapped out later for summer flowers that tolerate more heat.


Beautiful spring blooms!


A lush box filled with only white accents with variegated foliage is simple, graceful and beautiful. I love the look with these white impatiens, caladium, dracaena spike in the center and trailing vinca vines.


A variety of sun loving succulents, using the thriller, spiller and filler planting idea. Love the variations of purple, pink, yellow, rust color, and green succulents. Other sun loving plants and flowers great for window boxes: petunias, million bells, zinnias, portulaca, daisies, lavender, euphorbia, and I’m sure you can think of others.

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This vibrant mix of super bells, GoldDust and Proven Accents Illusion Garnet Lace can be found at provenwinners.com


Slow growing succulents can be packed tightly into window boxes.


Ferns add a dramatic impact to a window box. Other plants that do well in shade are Ivy, Creeping Jenny, hostas, coleus and caladium.


Some succulents like direct sun, while others do not. An important note to remember: Figure out how much sun your window box planter will get before buying your plants. That way, you’ll know what kind of plants to get.


Fuschia impatiens with trailing dichondra do best in shade.


Dwarf evergreens (eg. ‘Green Mountain’ boxwood or ‘Emerald’ arborvitae) with variegated ivy and fuschia impatiens. These do best in shade.

Beautiful white wave petunias with sweet potato vines on either side.

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