Low Maintenance Front House Landscaping Ideas

Now that spring is here and people are turning their attention to more outdoor projects, here are some great low maintenance front house landscaping ideas that add beauty, enjoyment and increase the curb appeal of your home if you’re thinking of selling.

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Love how a flower bed with simple brick edging, a window box and shutters, and a gate made such a dramatic improvement.


A neglected corner can be turned into a still low maintenance area with using weed barrier fabric underneath a mulch covering.


Garden borders and edging add detail for creating beautiful well defined areas.

Sandandsisal.com have some great tips for creating a new flower bed.

Love the idea of using river rock in downspout locations.


A stacked rock garden feature is another beautiful idea.


Adding a flower filled window box adds instant charm and appeal.


A rock garden landscaping idea that is low maintenance and adds design and creativity to a space.


A sloped yard could utilize a retaining wall. Or it could be changed into an area that doesn’t require grass cutting.


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