Creative Valentines Day Ideas

Creative Valentine’s Day ideas

February is the month of focusing on and giving 💗 love. Here you’ll find creative Valentine’s Day ideas to do as a family and Valentine’s Day date night ideas to do as a couple. I’ve also included Valentine tablescape ideas and Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

As a child I always loved choosing Valentine’s Day cards for my friends and school classmates and decorating a Valentine’s box with paper lace doilies, hearts and glitter. Many years later as a Mama with children almost grown up, I still love celebrating this month of love with my family. When our girls were younger we would get a branch or two from the backyard and hang pink paper hearts on it with the names of all the people we loved and all who loved us. It was sort of like a gratitude tree for all the loved ones in our lives.

There’s something so special about setting aside a month to celebrate our closeness to the people we treasure most. Every February I would bring out our box of Valentine related crafts and we would sit down together and make homemade Valentine Day cards for each other.

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Some fun and creative Valentines date ideas to do, (but not just on Valentine’s Day):

1. Do a couples photo shoot

I’ve noticed since being married that I have less pictures of the two of us and more pictures of…my kids….our cat…other people. And when I say couples photo shoot, I mean couples. No kids, no pets, no friends. If you can’t afford a professional, just grab a friend who enjoys a camera, or if you have teens who are into photography you could treat them to dinner out in exchange for following the two of you around town.

2. Visit your old happy memories.

Where did you first meet? Go there. Where was your first date? Go there. Where did you get engaged? Go there. This act of visiting and remembering, will stir up those feelings you once had that may now be replaced with familiarity and steadfastness. Which are NOT bad, but it’s good to throw in the act of remembering and re-living to rekindle those earlier emotions. We shouldn’t live for the excitement feelings give us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t seek to keep them going.

3. Visit a new place together.

Somewhere you’ve never been. Maybe you just hop in the car and drive somewhere new for a day. Maybe you make a whole week of it. Whatever you choose to do, do it just the two of you, and make some new memories.

Creative Valentines Day Ideas

4. Dollar Store (or Wal Mart or other)Challenge: Choose for each other a 5 or 10 dollar item you think the other would like for each of the following categories: favorite snack, favorite drink, favorite something for the house, something in your favorite color, something that reminds you of them)

5. Game night– Challenge each other to a board game; a classic such as scrabble, or a more modern game-bananagrams.

6. Renew your youth and play hide and seek.

7. Go for a hike or a walk

8. Read out loud to each other- take turns reading a favorite book to each other

9. Movie and fondue night

10. Learn a new skill together(YouTube or other)

11. Do a YouTube scavenger hunt

12. Do a Thrift store scavenger hunt(lots of ideas online)

13. Have a weekend away

14. Plan a date night surprise

15. Plan a lunch date

16. Go through old photos together

17. Visit an animal shelter

18. Do a craft or an art project together– make each other a Valentine’s Day card.

Creative Valentines Day Ideas

Valentine Gift Ideas for Him and Her:

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Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas:

All of these mantel decorations were found at Dollar stores:

Valentine Tablescape:

Here is the same table setting but with a different table center piece:

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