12 Best Canada Day Decor Ideas

Canada Day decor ideas-red maple leaf on top of white napkin and red plate, red and white flowers in white flower pot with the words O Canada on flower pot, red and white balloons attached to a picnic basket on a picnic blanket, red goblets with red and white plates and napkins.

Are you looking for Canada Day decor ideas to help celebrate the day? Here you’ll find the best Canada Day decor ideas to inspire you. Show your national pride and get inspired with these pretty red and white Canada Day decor ideas for a great Canada Day party. Happy birthday Canada! Here’s to Canada with love!

What is Canada Day?

Canada Day is July 1st and is the day that Canada celebrates being an independent country. On July 1, 1867, the unification of the three North American British colonies: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada (which was made up of parts of modern-day Ontario, Quebec, and Labrador) became an independent country from England.

On July 1, 1867, the British North America Act formally joined the colonies, creating the unified, semi-independent Dominion of Canada. Essentially, Canada became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain.

In 1982, Canada became fully independent. Since 1983, July 1 has been known as “Canada Day.”

What colors are best for decorating for Canada Day?

Canada’s national colors are red and white. The national colours of Canada were declared by King George V in 1921 to be red and white and are most prominently evident on Canada’s national flag.

Red is symbolic of England and white of France, and the colours have been used representatively by those countries in the past. The maple leaf is one of Canada’s national symbols and red is the first leaf colour after spring budding & also the autumn colour of maple leaves.

Here you’ll find inspiration for Canada Day decor ideas such as red and white balloons, red pressed maple leaves, red and white flower ideas for planters and window boxes, red and white tablescapes and more!

How is Canada Day celebrated?

Canada Day is celebrated with parades, BBQs with family and friends, individual community entertainment with singers, face painting, air cadet presentations, and fireworks.

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Pressed Maple Leaf Tablescape

Canada Day decor ideas-red pressed maple leaf Tablescape.

Create an effortless Canada flag inspired place setting with pressed red maple leaves.

Red and white outdoor planters and flowers

Canada Day decor ideas-red and white flowers.

Incorporating red and white flowers and pots add to the festive flair. Red geraniums and white bacopa for Canada’s colors.

Best Canada Day Decor Ideas

Red and white outdoor flowers and planters

Canada day decor ideas-red and white outdoor flowers.

Red geraniums and white petunias reflect Canada’s national colors.

Red and white window box

Canada Day decor ideas-red and white flowers with miniature Canada flags.
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Patriotism in bloom. Celebrate Canada’s birthday by dressing your window box with Canada flags along festive red and white annuals.

Best Canada Day Decor Ideas

Red and white candies and flowers

Canada Day decor ideas-white flowers in red vases, red candies, blaxploitation skates table ornaments and small moose ornament.

This red and white bridal shower is loaded with patriotic prettiness.

Red wine glasses and Tablescape

Canada day decor ideas-red wine glasses, miniature Canada flags on Tablescape, red and white Dinner plates and napkins.

Love the idea of the maple leaves and Canada flags as a centrepiece, and the beautiful red accents with the glasses.

Best Canada Day Decor Ideas

Red and white Adirondack chairs and pilllows

Canada Day decor ideas-white Adirondack chairs, red pilllows and Canada Day flag.

Simple, yet striking red and white decor.

Red and white flowers on table

Canada Day decor ideas-red and white flowers in maple syrup can vases, red and black checkered table cloth, and sign that says Oh Canada!

Looking for vases? Try the classic “Pure Maple Syrup” cans and display an arrangement of red and white florals in them.

Best Canada Day Decor Ideas

Red and white picnic theme

Canada Day decor ideas-red and white balloons with picnic blanket outdoors, picnic basket and miniature Canada flags.

Red and white balloons for a beautiful Canada Day picnic.

Red tassels

Canada Day decor ideas-red tassels hung on a string.

Making your own red and white tassels from yarn adds a festive touch

Best Canada Day Decor Ideas

Red and white candle theme

Canada Day decor ideas-birch log candle holders with red and white checkered cloths with miniature toothpick size Canada flags.

A Canada Day birch log centrepiece.

Canada Flag

Canada Day decor ideas- hanging a Canada flag from a tree branch.

If you don’t have a flag pole, how about hanging a Canada flag from a tree branch?

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Beyond the barbecues, fireworks, and fun there lies a deeper significance. What does Canada Day mean to you? Leave a comment below. Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July to all my Canadian and American family and friends!

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