Popular Summer Nail Designs on Pinterest

Are you looking for summer nail ideas? Here you’ll find popular summer nail designs on Pinterest. Read on for summer nail designs we’re seeing all over Pinterest before you head to the salon. Nothing makes a better ‘summer statement’ than freshly and neatly done toes and fingers.


This beach-inspired summer nail art design will set you apart from fellow vacationers.


Reveal that feminine edge with this floral themed nail art design. Vibrant flowers or soft pretty tones and flowery designs are the best representations of great summer and spring seasons.

Popular Summer Nail Designs on Pinterest


This watermelon nail art brings fresh vibes into your summer style and will be popular for summers to come.

This simple summer nail design is cool and refreshing amidst the summer heat.

Popular Summer Nail Designs on Pinterest


This is a cool beachy design to consider. Beach nails are anything that remind you of the beach and these do a great job of that! Capture the sand and the sea with this pretty design.

“Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word.” – Tammy Taylor


These summer nails are fresh and fun to look at.

Popular Summer Nail Designs on Pinterest


The bold shapes and lines create a wonderful and fresh looking summer nail design.

Photo credit: instagram.com/savillamountain

A fun way to enjoy and celebrate the season with watermelon nail art.

Popular Summer Nail Designs on Pinterest


You’ll love showing off your summer nails when you hit the beach or sit by the pool for a weekend getaway.


This beautiful nail design represents the vibrant colors of summer.


Nail Design Template for Creative Nail Art

Do you love to design your own nails or others? Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your nail designs? Are you looking for a teaching tool for others to learn nail design? Here is something special for you – a nail design template for creative nail art.

Nail Design Template ( Digital Download) for creative nail art. This is a downloadable printable (PDF file) that includes four popular nail shapes for you to get creative with! Coffin, almond, square and stiletto. These templates can be used to practise your designing skills, jot down your ideas or display your work. Each order comes with 5 pdf pages which you can print and/or upload to a painting app.


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