15 Elegant Wedding Nails You’ll Love

Are you looking for wedding nail designs as the bride or for the bridesmaids? Here are 15 elegant wedding nails you’ll love! Your wedding nails are a small part of all your wedding details but it is one that will bring you pleasure each time you look down at your hands on your special day. You’re going to be showing off your fingers a lot so having beautiful wedding nails is important.

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What are good colors to choose for Wedding nails?

Popular classic wedding nails are colors in white, pale pink, and neutrals with white, silver or gold accents. French nails are always beautiful. Adding glitter, white or pearl colored nail embellishments will bring elegance to your nail designs as well. Really, it’s your own personal choice.

How soon before your wedding should you get your nails done?

Don’t get your bride nails done any sooner than one or two days before your wedding. Book your nail appointment much sooner than that to be sure to get in, and then use that time as self care and a reward for all the planning and work you put into your wedding.


Pale pink Nails with glitter accents


Pearl Wedding Nails


What do I need to do to Prepare my Nails before the wedding?

Beautiful nails take time, so one or two months before your wedding, start getting your nails healthy and in shape to be shown off. Something to remember is that nails grow slower in the winter months, so give yourself more time during those months to grow long, beautiful healthy bride nails. Here are nail care tips for beautiful nails:

1. If using an acetone nail polish remover, be sure to be using a good cuticle oil regularly. How often is regularly? Everyday. And in the winter, twice a day. Olive oil and coconut oil are excellent oils to massage onto your nails and cuticles. Both are moisturizing, absorb easily and are probably already in your kitchen.

2. Moisturize with hand lotion a few times each day, especially after hand washing.

3. With hand washing, use soaps that are less drying, and with using hand sanitizers, use ones with less or no alcohol.

4. Diet is important. Your nails need vitamins and minerals, just like the rest of you, and staying hydrated is really important.

Glitter Rose Gold Wedding Nails

Via Fiveno.com

Nail Design Template for Creative Nail Art

Do you love to design your own nails or others? Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your nail designs? Are you looking for a teaching tool for others to learn nail design? Here is something special for you – a nail design template for creative nail art.

Check it out here.

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