20 Best DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-brown and green themed gift, small gift wrapping creativity, layering gift wrap and natural gift toppers.

Looking for diy holiday gift wrapping Ideas? Getting a beautifully wrapped gift is a pleasure and a gift in itself. A thoughtfully wrapped gift is a form of art and shows the receiver the love that has gone into it. Here are 18 best diy holiday gift wrapping ideas that are beautiful, creative or simple ideas for the holidays, birthdays or special events. Elevate your gifts with these easy gift wrap ideas.

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Why is wrapping a gift important?

Gift wrapping is like the cherry on top of the ice cream. It enhances the treat; it serves as a garnish to your already wonderful gift and adds to the specialness that the recipient feels when getting a gift. There are easy gift wrapping techniques that elevate a gift up a notch and give that element of a pleasurable surprise to the receiver.

What are Creative DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas?

Give inexpensive craft or butcher paper an artistic update with white ink, adding a few fresh spigs of greenery gives a gift a wintry, woodsy feel, create visual interest by mixing the different metallics like gold, silver, copper and bronze. Plain gift wrap with a beautiful topper are easy to do and here you’ll find creative ideas for just that.

Pine cones, acorns, berries and pine clippings, when clustered atop a wrapped present, add a fragrant, woodsy touch. Layer organic elements and textured ribbon to create wrapped gifts that are a step above the rest.

There should always be one element of your gift wrap that really pops: a color, a gift topper, or a really gorgeous piece of fabric ribbon. For Christmas, I like to pick a theme for my gift wrapping, such as neutral with bright pops of color.

DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper.

These gifts, wrapped with Kraft paper (or sometimes called “butcher” paper) come in brown or white and can be purchased in places like Walmart, The UPS store, Michaels, Target and online. The mini wreaths on top add beautiful pops of interest and color.

Mini Boxwood Wreath Tutorial

I love the idea of a mini wreath. Your gifts look so beautiful, simple and there is just that something special in them! Here is a mini boxwood wreath gift wrapping tutorial to add as a beautiful gift topper.

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Mini Boxwood Wreath Tutorial.

Snowman Christmas Gift Topper

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Snowman Christmas Gift Topper.

Such a fun and creative Christmas present topper!

Best DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Make Kids Gifts more Playful

Tying small wrapped gifts onto the backs of toys is just one way to give your little ones a present that packs in a bit of extra fun. Check out 10 more creative gift wrapping ideas, below.

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Make Kids Gifts more Playful.

Black, White and Green gift theme

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Black, White and Green gift theme.


Ribbons are inexpensive and take your gift wrapping up a notch. I love the classic color combination here done by clairelynnhome.

Creative Gift Wrapping

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Creative Gift Wrapping.

Simple, easy yet elegant.

Best DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Black, Red and Green gift theme

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Black, Red and Green gift theme.

A beautiful gift wrapping idea by windblownideas.

DIY Gift Boxes: Personalized Brown Paper Packages

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-DIY Gift Boxes: Personalized Brown Paper Packages.
( Via )

Adding white 3D puff paint makes these gifts pop. If you don’t want to use wrapping paper, using Kraft brown gift boxes makes it super easy.

Fingerprints Gift Wrap

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Fingerprints Gift Wrap.

Using paint and fingerprints adds a personal and creative touch to these Christmas lights.

Best DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrap with Photos

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Gift Wrap with Photos.

Adding the gift recipient’s photo on top for a gift tag is thoughtfulness that makes it extra special.

Pleated Gift Wrap

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Gift Wrap with Photos.

Add a touch of luxury with incorporating pleats and fragrant herbs or foliage for a fragrant Christmas package.

Pretty packages that make gift giving just a little extra special.

Best DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrap Layering

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Gift Wrap Layering.

Layer your gift wrapping with different wrapping papers.

Natural Gift Toppers

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Natural Gift Toppers.

Add seasonally natural gift toppers and then for some extra detailing, draw some Christmas designs on the kraft paper.

Oversized Letter Gift Tag

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Oversized Letter Gift Tag.

Adding an oversized letter of the first initial of the gift recipient is a creative idea instead of a gift tag.

Best DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Brown and Green theme Gift Wrap

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Brown and Green theme Gift Wrap.

Small Gift Wrapping Creativity

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Small Gift Wrapping Creativity.

Looking for a creative way to wrap gift cards or smaller items?

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-small toy car with gifts attached on top.

Best DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Card Snow Globe

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-gift card snow globe.

“Make a gift card snow globe! I know for sure that my jaw would drop a little if someone gave me one of these. Just glue or tape your card and trees to the underside of your jar lid in an upright position, add some snow, and reattach the jar. So cute!”

Creatively Gift Cash

“Full disclosure: What many of the folks on your gift list really want this year is cash — but just sliding it into an envelope may feel a little impersonal. To give this always-welcome gift a bit more oomph, try one of our three clever packaging ideas”

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Creatively Gift Cash.

Check it out here.

Best DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Monogrammed Gift Tag

Forget traditional ribbon bows and top your gifts with a yarn-wrapped initial instead. Older kids and crafty teens will want to try this easy project to create personalized packages that stand out from the pack.

DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas-Monogrammed Gift Tag.

Check it out here.

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