Christmas aesthetic wallpaper-two girls skating, kids decorating Christmas tree, snowy night on lit up street, couple kissing in the snow with Christmas lights on cabin

Pinterest is a great place to go for beautiful and inspiring images. Here are 41 best Christmas aesthetic Pinterest ideas – Christmas wallpaper ideas for you to enjoy and help celebrate the season. Christmas aesthetic is all about looking at photos that get you inspired and into the Christmas mood, or photos that give off great Christmas vibes. Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” —Edna Ferber

There are different and wonderful aspects of Christmas that appeal to different people and so there are different types of Christmas aesthetics, such as the Christmas couple aesthetic, Christmas Christian aesthetic, classic traditional Christmas aesthetic (red and green), Christmas vintage aesthetic, family Christmas, luxury Christmas, Christmas lights aesthetic, Disney Christmas, cozy Christmas, Christmas food aesthetic and a winter Christmas aesthetic, just to name some but not all. And don’t forget about the Christmas tree aesthetic!

Christmas Aesthetic Tips

Looking at different Christmas aesthetic ideas gives me lots of great ideas on what I’d like to include in my own Christmas celebration. But with so many Christmas styles or aesthetics out there, how do I decide on the one that suits me? Well, one thing I do is use the colors that are already in my home; I coordinate with those colors for my Christmas aesthetic.

I also like using golds and silvers because they automatically add a festive vibe. They’re also great for adding simple accents that go with most things.

I love the joy and beauty that a Christmas tree brings to a space. There are so many amazing Christmas tree aesthetics out there. One of the most important tips I can offer is to make sure everyone in your family is in agreement. I thought the way I decorated my Christmas tree was just fine until my teenage daughters told me they hated it. So be sure to include everyone’s ideas on your Christmas tree aesthetic.

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Christmas Couple Aesthetic

Christmas is for spending time with those we love most.

Christmas aesthetic-man and woman kissing in front of house with Christmas lights on, snow falling and dog next to them.
Christmas aesthetic-couple sitting on floor on blanket in front of fireplace with woman holding a cup of coffee.
Christmas aesthetic-man kissing woman on forehead while sitting on floor in front of lit up Christmas tree with lit up string of Christmas lights wrapped around her.
Christmas aesthetic-man and woman sitting on floor of high rise apartment watching movie Home Alone with lit up Christmas tree and lit up city skyline at night.
Christmas aesthetic-The feet of two people wearing winter socks with woman on tip toes in front of lit up Christmas tree.

Christmas Christian Aesthetic

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given…” – Isaiah 9: 6-7

Christmas aesthetic-scroll of Kraft paper on hallway mirror with the words,”Oh holy night the stars are brightly shining, it is the night of our dear Savior’s birth”, with nativity scene beneath scroll.
Christmas aesthetic-chalk art that says,”O come let us adore Him”
Christmas aesthetic-outdoor nativity scene made of wood with string of lit up Christmas lights.
Christmas aesthetic-four white candles with one candle lit up with wood letters saying Advent.

Christmas White WinterAesthetic

To some people, it doesn’t feel like Christmas unless it’s white outside. I’ve experienced Christmas in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and love them both!

New York is truly magical covered in snow.

Christmas aesthetic-New York city street lit up at night with Christmas lights and snow falling and man walking on street sidewalk.
Christmas aesthetic-winter scene with snow covered city steps, trees and bushes at night with lit up street lamps.


Beautiful Quebec city.

Christmas aesthetic-Quebec city street lit up with Christmas lights, Christmas decorations and people walking while snowing out at night.

“City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style. In the air, there’s a feeling of Christmas.” – Ray Evans, “Silver Bells”

Christmas aesthetic-city street at night with street
lamps glow and snow falling.
Christmas aesthetic-bright red house in white winter scene with snow covered trees and ground.

Christmas Family Aesthetic

Christmas is such a special time of the year that helps bring family, friends, and loved ones together. As a parent, Christmas can be extra special as you get to experience the magic of Christmas through your child’s eyes.

Christmas aesthetic-looking into a house from outside with two children decorating a lit up Christmas tree inside.


Christmas aesthetic-family carolling to elderly woman wearing an apron at her front door.
Christmas aesthetic-two small children holding hands in front of a lit up. Christmas tree with the words, “Merry + bright”.

“The best gift that one could wish for underneath the Christmas tree, is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” -unknown

Cozy Christmas Aesthetic

Cozy means to give a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation. When I think of cozy I think of sweaters, snowflakes, cozy blankets, thick socks, warm fires and hot chocolate, and Christmas lights.

Christmas Aesthetic-skaters skating on an outdoor rink around a large decorated Christmas tree.
Christmas Aesthetic-looking into a house through a window at an indoor lit up Christmas tree while snowing with snow on window panes.


Cozy Christmas aesthetic-woman sitting on soft white rug in front of lit fireplace holding mug of hot Cocoa and marshmallows, with snacks on a tray, dog sleeping at her feet, rolls of wrapping paper and presents next to Christmas tree and Christmas movie playing on her laptop.
Cozy Christmas Aesthetic-outdoor Christmas tree lit up with multi-colored Christmas lights next to house with snow falling.

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Christmas aesthetic-two young girls holding hands while skating with large outdoor decorated Christmas tree and snow falling.

Disney Christmas Aesthetic

“No one does Christmas better than Disney. Disney creates a wonderland filled with special shows, parades, decorations, and plenty of treats.” – Ricky Brigante

Disney Christmas aesthetic-Disney land castle decorated with Christmas decorations.


Christmas aesthetic-man and woman watching Disney Frozen movie while holding mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallows and wearing cozy white animal slippers.

Vintage Christmas Aesthetic

There’s something about the holidays that makes us feel nostalgic. Holidays bring holiday memories, and, often a feeling of nostalgia for good times long gone, or perhaps of Christmas traditions from when we were younger.

Vintage Christmas aesthetic-record player with record and record cover of Bing Crosby and gift bags under the Christmas tree.
Vintage Christmas aesthetic-family lying on living room floor with lit fire in fireplace, watching movie Home Alone on wall with lit up Christmas tree.


Vintage Christmas aesthetic-painting of man and woman dressed in 1950’s style clothing, with man looking at Christmas tree decorations and woman smiling down at him.
Vintage Christmas aesthetic-Woman with stack of records with record cover of Bing Crosby “Merry Christmas “.
Vintage Christmas aesthetic-Christmas tree decorated with tinsel and other 1970’s style decorations.
Vintage Christmas aesthetic-small white Christmas tree decorated with 1960’s style decorations sitting on top of old fashioned brown dresser.
Vintage Christmas aesthetic-old fashioned food scales decorated with miniature Christmas trees and toy vehicle and faux snow.
Vintage Christmas aesthetic-record player playing green colored record with record cover beside it saying,”How the Grinch stole Christmas.”

Christmas Cartoon Aesthetic

Cartoon Christmas aesthetic-snoopy lying on top of his dog house that is decorated with Christmas lights and decorations.

Christmas Lights Aesthetic

“Christmas is too sparkly…said no one ever.”- unknown.

Christmas aesthetic lights- window framed with lit up multi-colored Christmas lights.
Christmas aesthetic lights-Staircase and bannister decorated with green Garland and lit up white lights and two lit up Christmas trees.


 Christmas aesthetic-red car carrying Christmas tree lit up with colorful Christmas lights on a snowy day.
Christmas aesthetic lights-Christmas tree lit up with white lights and gifts beside and beneath it.

Christmas Food Aesthetic

Christmas aesthetic food-cinnamon buns on kitchen counter, with flour sprinkled on counter top, two glasses of wine and Christmas tree.
Christmas aesthetic food-mug of hot cocoa with whipped cream, marshmallows, candy cane and sprinkled with cinnamon.


Christmas aesthetic food-gingerbread cookies, some iced with white icing, some being iced, and some not iced yet.
Christmas aesthetic food-dinner table set with many white lit candles and food on plates and with cinnamon sticks and dried oranges for decorations.

Christmas Wallpaper Ideas

How to Save on the Phone:

Press and hold the photo that you want and click ‘add to photos’ or ‘save to iPhone’. This should work on Androids as well!

You might need to crop these photos slightly depending on the size of phone that you have but every photo here should still look just as good when adjusted. 

Once you’ve saved the photo to your camera roll, you can go into settings and change your wallpaper.

Keep in mind that you can set a different photo for your lock screen and home screen respectively.

Christmas aesthetic wallpaper-“Merry Christmas “ with white flocked tree and snowing.
Christmas aesthetic wallpaper-Christmas round bauble decorations on outdoor tree with building in background decorated with lit white lights.
Christmas aesthetic wallpaper-large snowflakewith snow and glitter.
Christmas aesthetic wallpaper-Christmas trees lit up with colorful lights and fireworks in sky above.
Christmas aesthetic wallpaper-Christmas tree lit up with colourful lights.
Christmas aesthetic with Christmas tree decorated and star shining down from above.
Christmas aesthetic wallpaper-flocked white Christmas tree with snowy background.
Christmas aesthetic wallpaper-three wisemen riding on camels with star ahead of them in colorful sky.
Christmas aesthetic wallpapers-string of colorful Christmas lights.
Christmas aesthetic wallpaper-blurred glowing dots of red, white and green.
Christmas aesthetic wallpapers-part of Christmas tree with Christmas decoration bauble hanging on branch and white lights.

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