Mother’s Day Gift DIY Home Spa Ideas

Mother’s Day gift diy home spa ideas are all about self care and pampering for the Moms in our lives. Diy gifts are thoughtful and meaningful for the time and effort that goes into them and shows Mom she’s worth it. Homemade beauty products for mom will make her feel special and encourage her to take time for herself.

These Mother’s Day gift diy home spa ideas are practical, beautiful and hand made with love. Staying well and healthy is important for our mental and physical wellbeing. And I believe self care is a big part of that for busy moms.

Here you’ll find beautiful home spa ideas and homemade beauty products such as bath and shower Bombs, milk bath ideas, tub teas, body scrubs and lip balms. Add your Mom’s favorite scent or leave them scent free.

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Bath Bombs


Bath bombs always make bath time more enjoyable! They are EXTREMELY easy to make, very inexpensive and you get to pick the scent and color. What’s Mom’s favorite scent?

Shower Bombs


Shower bombs with essential oils are a quick self care treat and an easy way to include aromatherapy in your day. This shower bombs recipe tutorial shows how to make shower melts with essential oils, plus tips for use and storage.

Mother’s Day Gift DIY Home Spa Ideas

Lavender Milk Bath


Cleopatra was the one that put a milk bath on the map as she claimed the milk bath preserved her beauty and kept her skin glowing and youthful. Sounds good to me!

Tub Tea


What is tub tea? Tub tea is soaking your tired body in a beautiful blend of herbs, dried flowers, salts and oats.

Mother’s Day Gift DIY Home Spa Ideas

Whipped Vanilla Coconut Body Scrub


This scrub will leave you feeling all silky and smooth.

Strawberry Vanilla Lip Balm


This homemade natural Strawberry Vanilla Lip Balm is made with freeze dried fruit which gives it the stunning color and tasty flavor without any artificial ingredients.

Mother’s Day Gift Tags


Beautiful free Mother’s Day gift tags that add a special touch and detailing to any gift.

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