Beautiful Spring Blooms in the Okanagan

Travel Canada: spring blooms in the Okanagan- yellow wild Okanagan sunflowers.

If you’re thinking of taking a spring holiday in Canada consider the South Okanagan. A trip here in April is a great time to see spring blooms in the Okanagan.

The South Okanagan is a fruit growing area in the southern British Columbia interior that is very scenic with mountains, lakes, orchards and vineyards. The south Okanagan is about a 4 hour drive east of Vancouver. The fruit trees start blooming in April with the apricot trees being the first to blossom with their white blooms.

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Apricot trees in the Oliver area.

Apricot trees in the Oliver and Penticton areas of the south Okanagan.

Next to start blossoming are the cherry and nectarine trees and the wild Okanagan sunflower. You’ll see the beautiful bright yellow Okanagan sunflower (also known as Arrowleaf Balsalmroot) all over the sides of the mountains throughout the Okanagan in April.

Nectarine trees starting to blossom in Summerland.

Spring Blooms in the Okanagan

Wild Okanagan sunflowers near Penticton.
Photo by Jess Vince Photography
Photo by Jess Vince Photography

Kalamalka Lake which is between Vernon and Kelowna is a beautiful lake with turquoise clear waters that makes for a gorgeous rest spot and a picnic lunch.

Kalamalka Lake by the town of Oyama.

A local park area in the town of Oyama on Lake Kalamalka in April.

Spring Blooms in the Okanagan

You’ll also see beautiful blooms within the cities of the Okanagan. Below are some photos of Magnolia tree blooms, Forsythia blooms and crocuses around the city of Penticton in April.

A beautiful fragrant Magnolia tree in bloom.
A forsythia in full bloom.

Crocuses around and near Penticton.

The Penticton Farmers’ Market starts up in April and some vendors are starting to sell fresh local cut flowers then.

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