Design a Life You Love Weekly Planner

Design a Life You Love Weekly Planner

Design your perfect week! This 30 page Design a Life you Love weekly planner will help you get organized and improve your time management. This will free up time for doing things you love and working on goals towards a life you love.


• Improves your organization- important life details gathered together in one place

• Increases productivity without making you feel overwhelmed: know what you need to do in your day to reach your goals

• Frees up valuable space in your mind: no more trying to remember every little thing

• Helps you gain a big picture point of view: understand what is coming up in the future and be prepared

• Helps you be intentional about how you’re spending your time: learn how you’re spending your time and make any necessary changes

• Helps hold yourself accountable: written reminders and trackers help to keep you focused

• Improves your motivation: helping you discover the ‘why’ behind what you’re doing (or not doing) and plan the changes you want to make

• Helps you learn more about yourself: an organizer can provide insight into good and bad habits and show you things that are or aren’t working.


This Weekly Planner includes 30 planning/organizing pages ( 8.5 inches x 11 inches ):

Cover page (extra)

Meal Planner style #1, Sunday start

Meal Planner style #1, Monday start

Meal Planner style #2, Sunday start

Meal Planner style #2, Monday start

Meal Planner style #3, Sunday start

Meal Planner style #3, Monday start

Easy Dinner Ideas for the Month

Easy Dinner Ideas for the Month(blank)

Grocery List style #1

Grocery List style #2

Favorite Dinner Ideas (categorized) blank

Favorite Dinner Ideas (categorized) blank

Healthy Snack Ideas

Picnic Ideas

Pantry Inventory

Fridge Inventory

Freezer Inventory

Daily Food Record

Weekly Spending Tracker


Weekly Cleaning

Weekly Cleaning (blank)

Daily Chore Chart

Daily Habit Tracker

Brain Dump

My Week at a Glance style #1

My Week at a Glance style #2

My Week at a Glance style #3

Weekly Review and Reflection

Self – Care Checklist


This Design a Life You Love Weekly Planner is undated. Therefore, you won’t have to buy a new planner each year. Use this one-time purchase as your go to planner to design your weeks year after year. It really is perfect :).

Of course you can print the planner out on your home printer, but another great option is to have it printed at your local office supply store. I know with Staples you can send the file over to them via their online site and then pick it up later that day. I used their Same Day Pickup/ Simple Print option. If you didn’t want to use a binder you could choose a heavier paper to give those pages a little bit of extra sturdiness.

You could also have the office supply store bind the planner for you in a booklet form.

I use an inexpensive ½” 3-ring binder so sheets can be added and removed at will.

You can set your printer settings to adjust the size of the planner as well.


This is a Digital PDF that you can print out either at home or your local office supply store. No physical product will be sent.

I don’t accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.


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