Gorgeous Oregon Travel Destination-Peony Farm

Oregon travel destination peony farm - large pink peony.

I am always on the hunt for beautiful open gardens and flower farms, so on our Oregon travel when we came across a peony farm south of Portland we knew we had to visit. Adelman Peony Gardens is located in the farm community of Brooks, just north of Salem, Oregon.

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If you are a flower lover like myself, then I can’t recommend a visit to the Adelman Peony Gardens enough! Be sure to catch the peonies during their blooming season, May through Mid-June in the Willamette Valley.

Oregon travel destination-a row of pink, white and dark pink peonies.

Oregon Travel-Peony Farm

Jim and Carol Adelman began growing peonies nearly 25 years ago, and have three generations of Adelmans working to pass on their love for peonies on their farm.

Oregon travel destination-row of peonies in bloom and in bud stage.

What amazed me the most during our visit, besides the immaculately weeded beds, was the number of varieties in the patch. Their catalogue and peony root order form lists over 200 different peony varieties.

Oregon travel destination-Adelman Peony Gardens catalog.

Oregon Travel-Peony Farm

Oregon travel destination-several rows of peonies.
Oregon travel destination -bush of large white peonies with someone standing next to it and only showing running shoes.
Kelly Renée Photography
Oregon travel destination-rows of pink peonies.

We arrived at Adelman Peony Gardens mid May- while there were many varieties in full bloom, there also were a lot that weren’t quite open yet (a sign at the entrance stated full bloom in the gardens was expected to be at the end of May).

Oregon Travel-Peony Farm

Cut Peony Flower Care instructions:

It is best to cut flowers early in the morning while the buds are still cool.

Leave at least 3 sets of leaves on the plant to keep the plant vigorous

Most peony varieties can be cut when the bud feels like a large, firm marshmallow or when you observe the first petal move away from the bud.

Oregon travel destination-two yellow peonies in a vase with sign saying sweet Lemonade.

Prepare your vase by washing it with dish detergent and bleach. Fill the vase about 1/3 with water. Add a packet of flower food or plan to change the water every couple of days.

Run cool water in a bowl or basin. Remove all leaves that would be underwater in the vase, as they will rot, reducing the life of the flower.

Immerse the flower stems in the water and cut off 1/2 inch of the stem underwater. This will allow water to adhere to the pores that uptake the water into the flower. You can then transfer them to the vase.

Place the vase in a cool location out of direct sun.

To open flowers faster, place them in warm water in a warm room. To slow the progress, place them in a dark, cool room-if desperate, add ice to the water.

Enjoy your cut peonies!

Have you visited a peony farm? What are your favorite spots to visit in the spring and summer? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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