Places we Loved to Eat and Drink in Portland

We recently enjoyed time trying out some fabulous food and coffee in Portland on our trip to Oregon. Year after year, Portland is consistently ranked as one of the top food cities in America. Here are some places we loved to eat and drink in Portland.

1. Keeper Coffee Co.

This quaint coffee shop in SE Portland is a little corner cafe where we enjoyed an awesome oat latte, lemon tart, and vanilla latte. We wanted to try this coffee shop because of the wonderful reviews and also the work place of Morgan Eckroth. Who is Morgan Eckroth?

Morgan Eckroth is the 2022 US Barista Champion and has captured the coffee shop experience by doubling her day job as a barista at Portland’s Keeper Coffee with a career in being very much online with her multiple social media channels that include MorganDrinksCoffee on YouTube as well as @morgandrinkscoffee on both Instagram and TikTok, boasting a combined following of some 6.5 million.

Keeper Coffee Co., Portland, Oregon
Keeper Coffee Co.
Keeper Coffee Co.

Places we Loved to Eat and Drink in Portland

2. Frank’s Noodle House

Frank’s Noodle House in NE Portland serves delicious and fresh Asian food. Their homemade hand pulled noodles and pork dumplings were delicious. Frank’s Noodle House was featured in the popular tv show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives back in 2017 with great reviews.

Frank’s Noodle House, Portland, Oregon

3. Kate’s Great Plant – Based Ice Cream

Kate’s Ice Cream is made using organic coconut milk and is 100% plant-based and gluten-free. Inspired by her younger sister who couldn’t have dairy, Kate Williams began making plant-based ice cream in 2014. She’s also crafted a popular, delicious gluten-free, vegan waffle cone.

Places we Loved to Eat and Drink in Portland

4. Jojo Food Truck

Jojo food truck serves gourmet sandwiches, fried chicken, jojos (potatoe wedges), burgers, and more! Jojo food truck is located in a cute little truck pod, with plenty of parking and outdoor seating.

We ordered the fried chicken sandwich, jojos, a cheeseburger and a patty melt which is like a grilled cheese sandwich with a burger inside. All of it was delicious.

The fried chicken sandwich had a flaky, crispy, crunchy batter like Popeyes, layered in pickles, sauce, and cabbage slaw. I was impressed with how many different ingredients were in the Jojo Patty Melt, which consisted of a hamburger patty, American and cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, Alabama white mustard sauce, pickles, and chopped chives.

Places we Loved to Eat and Drink in Portland

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