Best Summer Beach Photo Ideas

Four different summer beach photo ideas-woman sitting on the sand, feet in the sand, woman lying on the sand, and woman playing with beach ball.

Heading to the beach and looking for summer beach photo ideas? There’s nothing like a great day at the beach and being able to capture those memories with creative beach photography. Be inspired by these awesome beach picture ideas for Facebook and Instagram or save to your Pinterest beach board.

Best Props for Summer Beach Photo Ideas

Best summer beach photo shoot props are the ones that you’ll most likely have with you already when you spend a day at the beach. A colorful beach ball, a sun hat, a book that you’re reading, sunglasses, a beach chair or towel. The sand, sunshine and waves will already be there. Palm trees, piers, shells, and bicycles are other prop ideas depending on the beach location you visit.

You can add creativity to your summer beach Photoshoot by adding your footprints, or writing the year, a heart, or a single word in the sand. You can add your reflection or other people’s reflections in your sunglasses. You can focus in on your hands with sand running through your fingers, or focus your feet partially buried in the sand.

Creative Beach Pictures Ideas

There are many creative, fun or romantic summer beach photo ideas and here are a few to get you started.

1. Posing in the water or on the beach in different lying, sitting or jumping positions all make for creative beach pictures ideas. 

2. Open your favorite book to a page you enjoy. With the water or white sand in the background, snap a photo of you and your book for an Instagram-worthy photo.

3. Take a close – up photo of your feet partially buried in the sand and be sure to pick up the details of the sand.

4. Take a macro photo of the waves splashing around you while standing, lying or sitting in the water.

5. Sunset beach photo ideas make for magical and creative beach photography that casts a shadow on each subject’s face

6. Holding hands or having arms around the people you’re with or playful action shots add creativity and a feeling of affection to your summer beach photos.

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Summer beach photo ideas-woman lying on sand on yellow beach towel.
Summer beach photo ideas-reflection of three people in sunglasses on the sand.

Summer beach photo ideas-woman with straw sun hat playing with beach ball.

Summer Beach Photo Ideas

Summer beach photo ideas-feet partially buried in sand.
Summer beach photo ideas-woman standing in waves with arms outstretched.
Summer beach photo ideas-two women sitting on beach with similar bathing suits and straw hats.

Summer Beach Photo Ideas

Summer beach photo ideas-two women laughing.
Summer beach photo ideas-woman lying down in the waves.
Summer beach photo ideas-woman reading book at the beach.

Summer Beach Photo Ideas

Summer beach photo ideas-woman with sun hat laying on the beach.
Summer beach photo ideas-close up of sand in woman’s hand laying on the beach.
Summer beach photo ideas-two women with their footprints in the sand.

Summer Beach Photo Ideas

Summer beach photo ideas-woman lying in the sand,
Summer beach photo ideas-woman on beach chair at beach looking at her phone.
Summer beach photo ideas-woman sitting in the waves.

Summer Beach Photo Ideas

Summer beach photo ideas-woman lying on the sand laughing.
Summer beach photo ideas-two women holding hands, smiling 
and waving.
Summer beach photo ideas-four women at sunset sitting in beach with arms around each other.

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