14 Best Fall Family Picture Ideas

Fall family picture ideas-photo with child and foliage in fall colors, photo with kids and autumn pumpkins, photo with parents swinging and walking with child, photo of child sitting on a wagon with pumpkins.

Are you looking for fall family picture ideas? Fall is just around the corner and with the change in season and it’s coming fall beauty, there will be stunning photo opportunities just ahead. It’s the time when we gather together for that annual family photo shoot for Christmas cards and gifts. Here are 14 best fall family picture ideas to get you started.


Having a great photographer who knows what they are doing and is able to make you and your family feel comfortable is very important, so be sure to ask/shop around and be sure to book well enough in advance for a family portrait.


Choose a beautiful location with fall colors or a place that has special meaning to you. Some ideas could be to take a walk down a forest path that can lead you to vibrant fall foliage of reds, yellows and oranges.

To make the most of the beautiful autumn season and the fall aesthetic you could visit an apple orchard, corn maze, pumpkin patch, park, lake or a nearby barn or cabin.

You could also ask your photographer for some location ideas; they are guaranteed to have some favorite spots in mind for a beautiful fall family picture.



Bringing along a few items to help set the stage or assist in posing can be a good idea. For example, bringing along a plaid blanket to keep everyone clean and dry for an outdoor session, or bringing a crate, chair or a hay bale to build a base for posing can be a great help. Fall props could be pumpkins, apples, apple crate, corn stalks etc. You might want to include items that reflect the interests of your family such as books, or a bicycle. Family photos are a time to capture who your family is at that time.


Best Fall Family Picture Ideas


What to Wear

Family photo outfits should compliment the background of the photo. Keep your color choices neutral, warm earth tones, or muted, or if you know the location, complimentary to that. Choose clothes for the family that coordinate with each other. Boots, scarves, sweaters and layering are popular for fall family picture ideas.

Also, walk around your home and think about where you will display these photos. If they are going in the living room look at the colors in there. Do you have bright decorative accents or more of a neutral palette?


Go for Candid

Go for candid photos. Emotions can be a great asset to a photo regardless of purpose. Besides, it’s a lot easier to capture candid shots of your children rather than convincing them to put on a pose. While pose photos are great, candid shots will most likely show everyone’s individual personalities that make an emotional connection to the photo.


Best Fall Family Picture Ideas


Some easy go-to posing ideas could be walking, a tickle fight, playing in the leaves. If you are a pet owner, including your pet to the family photo is a great idea. If you do include your pet maybe have another person to help get the pet’s attention and then handle the pet for the photos that do not include them.


Best Fall Family Picture Ideas


The most important thing of all is to just enjoy yourself and make memories along the way.

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