17 Edible Flower Recipes to Make Your Menu Amazing

Edible flower recipes such as lavender shortbread cookies, compound flower butter, viola tea sandwiches and Persian rose water cream puffs.

Looking to try something delightfully different for your next meal or baking project? Here are 17 edible flower recipes to make your menu amazing! Edible flowers have become so popular now that you will not only see them in restaurants and bakeries, but in grocery stores as well.

Edible flower recipes really add a great deal of fun, flavor and beautiful presentation to the table. Many of the most common edible flowers bloom in spring, so now is the time to experiment if you’ve never tried them before.

Using edible flowers is a gorgeous and natural way to brighten up and decorate your meals or baking recipes. Try the Herb focaccia recipe decorated with flowers at your next meal.

Did you know a rose is edible! Yes, try it in the recipe here for rose infused cream puffs; I purchased the rose water for the recipe at my local grocery store and it elevates cream puffs to a delightful new level. The wildflower cupcake recipe is perfect for summer days, and the flower cake is like a taste of spring.

Before you use flowers in a recipe be sure they are edible and pesticide free. Not all flowers are edible and you only want to use organically grown blooms. Spend some time with Mr. Google researching a flower you want use to be sure it is edible. Thoroughly wash all flowers before you eat them, and eat only the petals, unless you’re certain other parts of the flower can be consumed as well.

If you are prone to allergies, introduce flowers in small amounts and experiment slowly so you can judge their effect. As with any new group of foods, introduce them to yourself one at a time so that you can pinpoint any allergic reactions.

There are many edible flowers, these are just a few to begin with.

1. Pansies & Violas: Popular in the Victorian era, (Queen Victoria had a love for candied violets), they can be used as a garnish for deserts or drinks or added to salads. You can also freeze them into ice-cubes. They have a mild wintergreen taste.

2. Nasturtiums: Easy to grow and gorgeous on the dinner table, nasturtiums have a mild peppery taste. Use the pedals as a burst of colour in salads and pasta dishes and the leaves in summer sandwiches. The leaves have a peppery, spicy flavour; a cross between watercress and radish. The flowers are a tad milder and sweeter. You can also use the flowers with savoury appetizers.

3. Lavender: Like all herb flowers, lavender blooms are edible. They have a distinctive floral taste with a hint of rosemary/mint combo.

4. Roses: The rose has a sweet aromatic flavor. They belong to the same family as strawberries and apples.

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Herb Focaccia with Edible Flowers

Making a pan of focaccia is one of quickest ways there is to get fresh bread on the table. And with a little creativity, your loaf can also be pretty enough to serve as a centerpiece.

Edible flower recipes-herb focaccia with edible flowers.

Check it out here.

Edible Flower Recipe|Chive Devilled Eggs

Edible flower recipes-chive devilled eggs

Check it out here.

Crispy Herbed Goat Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

“Light, crispy, airy and cheese stuffed, these goat cheese stuffed fried zucchini blossoms are appetizer perfection.”

Edible flower recipes-crispy herbed goat cheese stuffed zucchini blossoms.

Check it out here.

Asparagus with Lemon Sauce

“If you’re a fan of hollandaise, you’ll adore this creamy lemon sauce. Drizzle leftovers on poached eggs, baked potatoes or grilled chicken.”

Edible flower recipes-Asparagus with lemon sauce.

Check it out here.

17 Edible Flower Recipes to Make Your Menu Amazing

Edible Flower Recipe|Nasturtium Salad

“This nasturtium salad uses both nasturtium leaves and flowers, along with arugula, strawberries, and a quick vinaigrette. Make it for a quick and easy summer salad!”

Edible flower recipes-nasturtium salad.

Check it out here.

Rose Summer Rolls

Edible rose petals lend a light floral essence to complement the peppery radishes and crisp cucumbers in these light and summery rolls.

Edible flower recipes-rose summer rolls.

Check it out here.

Sautéed Squash Blossoms

Squash blossoms (a.k.a. zucchini blossoms) are awesome. And easy to cook.

Edible flower recipes-squash blossoms.

Check it out here.

17 Edible Flower Recipes to Make Your Menu Amazing

Compound Flower Butter

Making Flower Compound Butter is easy and beautiful with edible flowers, and adds a ‘wow’ factor for a shower, garden club lunch or treat at the breakfast table!

Edible flower recipes-compound flower butter.

Check it out here.

Viola Tea Sandwiches

Beautify your brunch party with these colorful and dainty cream cheese tea sandwiches.

Edible Flower Recipes-Viola tea sandwiches.

Check it out here.

17 Edible Flower Recipes to Make Your Menu Amazing

Lilac Infused honey

“Enjoy lilac infuse honey drizzled over fresh fruit, ice cream, oatmeal, on toast with butter, or as a sweetener for tea and lemonade.

Edible flower recipes-lilac infused honey.

Check it out here.

Lavender Shortbread Cookies

Lavender shortbread cookies are the perfect addition to any afternoon tea party or just with a cup of Earl Grey while enjoying a good book.

Edible flower recipes-lavender shortbread cookies.

Check it out here.

Persian Rose Water Cream Puffs

These BEST EVER cream puffs are a heavenly, delightfully airy dessert with a subtle rose flavor that adds so much to this easy-to-make cream-puff treat.”

Edible flower recipes-Persian rose water cream puffs.

Check it out here.

17 Edible Flower Recipes to Make Your Menu Amazing

White Peaches in Rose Water Syrup

Edible flower recipes-white peaches in rose water syrup

Check it out here.

Edible Flower Cookies

Edible flower recipes-edible flower cookies.

Check it out here.

Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream Frosting

“Easy, made-from-scratch lemon cupcakes are divine with raspberry buttercream frosting. Garnished with fresh flowers, they’re a perfect springtime treat!”

Edible flower recipes-lemon cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting.

Check it out here.

Rose Milk Mousse Recipe

Rose milk mousse is a super easy to make, quick and rich dessert.

Edible flower recipes-rose milk mousse recipe.

Check it out here.

Wildflower Cupcakes

“Summer is in full swing, and what better way to celebrate it than with a delicious treat? If you’re looking for something different and special, why not whip up some wildflower cupcakes?”

Edible flower recipes-wildflower cupcakes.

Check it out here.

Strawberry Chamomile Naked Cake

“Basically, this cake is spring in cake form, and it is good! I also say this often, but you need this cake in your life. My grandpa said it was the best cake he’s ever eaten!”

Edible flower recipes-strawberry chamomile naked cake.

Check it out here.

Edible Flower Ice Cubes

Edible flower recipes-flower ice cubes.

Check it out here.

Where to Get Edible Flowers

There are a variety of places to find edible flowers. You could grow them yourself, find them at your local farmer’s market, purchase them from health food stores or online.

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