11 Xeriscape Ideas for Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Xeriscape ideas such as artificial turf, drought tolerant plants, rain barrel ideas and rock garden ideas.

Interested in xeriscape ideas for drought tolerant landscaping? Here you’ll find ideas for rainscapes, drought tolerant landscaping, drought tolerant plants, rain barrel ideas, and more.

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What exactly is the xeriscape definition? Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping or gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation. The term Xeriscape came from a Denver government water utility company that combined the word “landscape” with the Greek prefix “xero,” meaning dry, thus “xeriscape” meaning “dry landscape.”

Xeriscape ideas are landscaping ideas that are all about water awareness. They are landscape ideas to conserve water, and/or labour whether that be due to a lack of rain in certain areas, a cost effective decision of a homeowner, or an owner not willing or having the time to maintain a regular yard or garden or a combination of the three.

Who are the people who benefit from these xeriscape ideas? It is no longer just for people living in areas affected by climate change or in arid areas where there may be little rain.

People who travel a lot, whether for work or leisure, and don’t want the upkeep, or have the time that a residential yard might need in maintaining grass and plants. It is low maintenance landscaping. Seniors who want to remain in their home with a yard but may not have the energy, health, or motivation to do yard maintenance.

A home owner who is looking for more cost effective means to owning a home and all that entails. With a xeriscape front yard, the home owner eliminates the need and cost of a lawn mower, weed wacker, watering costs, etc.

Or it may be for the person who wants a living greenspace and needs to harness the rain in ways that makes that needed moisture last, such as utilizing rain catchment systems like rain barrels or water tanks.

Some ways (but not all) to save or reduce water with gardening or landscaping for residential homes include: 1)artificial turf or grass, 2) Rock gardens or landscaping, 3) Utilizing drought tolerant plants, and 4) rain catchment systems or rain water harvesting. There are also ways for soil to better reabsorb water such as with the use of rain gardens.

Artificial Turf

Xeriscape ideas-artificial grass.
Xeriscape ideas-artificial grass.
Xeriscape ideas-fake grass.

Some would say that xeriscape landscaping involves real plants and rocks and that artificial turf isn’t really a xeriscape idea. Artificial turf (artificial grass) is a great option for those who want to cut back on their water usage. Synthetic turf is becoming more and more real looking and popular than years ago.

Synthetic turf is also becoming a more popular choice for dog runs as dog urine or poop won’t hurt it. A special type of artificial grass is best for homes with outdoor pets. It includes a turf deodorizer to reduce the ammonia smell of urine. There is some maintenance required with artificial turf to prevent the build up of dirt and leaves.

Xeriscape Ideas for Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is a specially landscaped area, a sunken area of ground that allows for rain water to collect and be reabsorbed at a slower pace back into the soil. It is deliberately situated at a lower spot on a property to collect water run off after a rain or snow melt down. A rain garden compliments any type of landscape. A rain garden is a type of rainscape, which is a landscape that promotes water conservation.

A rain garden protects your home from water damage and flooding from a flash flood or storm. They are good for the environment because the soil there and the plants that do well in rain gardens absorb toxins picked up by the rain water and therefore less polluted water ends up in storm drains.

Xeriscape ideas-rain garden
A small rain garden.

Rock Garden Ideas

There are numerous rock garden ideas out there. Rock gardens add visual interest and variety to your landscaping. Rock gardens could be in the form of a dry river bed or creek idea. Adding color to your dry creek bed with decorative rocks or glass mulch adds a surprising, beautiful effect.

Xeriscape ideas-dry river bed.

Gravel Landscaping

Glass gravel landscaping comes from recycled glass, lasts forever and comes in various colors and sizes.

Xeriscape ideas-gravel landscaping.
( Via )

Gravel Garden

A gravel garden uses small pebbles instead of soil and mulch, and makes a great setting for Mediterranean style plants such as rosemary, lavender and olive trees.

Xeriscape ideas-gravel garden.

Xeriscape Ideas for Drought Tolerant Landscaping

River rocks are larger than gravel and add variety to a rock garden. Mulch commonly comes from tree bark, wood chips, pine straw, moss, grass clippings, or leaves.

Xeriscape ideas-front yard rock garden.
Xeriscape ideas-mulch front yard.
Source: @davidreedimages via Instagram

Xeriscape Ideas for Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Drought Tolerant Plants

Drought tolerant plants are another great way to help conserve water. Some drought tolerant perennials include lavender, certain succulents, Russian Sage, olive trees, Mexican feather grass. sedum and Blue Fescue. Some drought tolerant annuals include California poppies, African daisies, cosmos, gazanias among others.

Xeriscape ideas-drought tolerant plants.

When thinking about drought tolerant plants, don’t forget about the advantage of using mulch. It minimizes water evaporation from the soil, thereby cutting back on the amount of water needed.

Rain Catchment Systems

Rain catchment systems are about harvesting the rain when it occurs to make it last. These rain water harvesting systems range from the use of rain barrels, to water storage tanks, to purification systems, and to utilizing pumps.

Rainwater is better for landscape plants and gardens because it is not chlorinated.

If you’re tired of manually irrigating your property, it can be automated. Irrigation controllers completely automate watering using the latest in Bluetooth and wifi technology.

Xeriscape ideas-rain barrel.
Xeriscape ideas-downspout to harden bed.

Xeriscape Ideas for Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Xeriscape ideas-water tanks.

Beautiful Rain Barrel Ideas

Looking for beautiful rain barrel ideas, both diy and others? Here are beautiful rain barrel ideas, whether you’re painting one or converting an old whiskey drum with a diy rain barrel kit.

DIY Painted Rain Barrel

Here’s a diy painted rain barrel idea from a food-grade 55 gallon drum.

Xeriscape ideas-rain barrel ideas.

Check it out here.

How to Make an Ugly Rain barrel Beautiful

Here’s a diy rain barrel cover using a bamboo blind.

Xeriscape ideas-diy rain barrel decor.
Xeriscape ideas-diy rain barrel decor.

Check it out here.

DIY Whiskey Rain Barrel

Check it out here.

Xeriscape Ideas for Drought Tolerant Landscaping

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