Spring Cleaning Your Mind

Spring cleaning your mind-crocus flower blooming in the spring.

Ever heard of spring cleaning your mind? Spring is here when things are fresh and new. When we spring clean, we turn our attention to things we don’t normally do. Things or cleaning that may have been neglected for awhile.

When it comes to spring cleaning our minds, why don’t we turn or shift our attention to doing new and fresh things. Why would one even want to spring clean their minds? A healthy mind equals a healthy life. Mental wellness or mental well-being is so important. The whole point of spring cleaning your mind is for good mental health, and we all know that our mental health has a profound effect on our entire life.

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Spring cleaning your mind- the words mental health spelled out with letter blocks.

So what are the things you should be turning your attention to with spring cleaning Your mind?

1. Decluttering your environment or your physical space. Life feels less chaotic when your physical space is clean and organized. Clutter drains our energy and research has shown that a cluttered physical environment leads to increased stress and anxiety. A good tidy up in your home or office will leave your feeling fresh, and ready for a new start. Spring is all about freshness and new life. Spring clean all your spaces-not just your home, but your office, car, garage, or any place you spend your time.

Spring cleaning your mind-cleaning gloves, sponges, cleaning brush and the words “Spring Cleaning Your Mind”.

Spring Cleaning Your Mind

2. Get outdoors and breathe in fresh air. As your lungs breathe in fresh air, oxygen levels in your blood go up, which circulates to your brain and helps you feel more energized and more mentally alert and focused. Spending time in nature reduces stress.

Spring cleaning your mind- woman smiling outdoors.

3. Get in the sunshine. Getting out into the sunshine will give you vitamin D which your body needs. Your body cannot produce vitamin D without sunshine and vitamin D is essential for healthy brain function. Vitamin D protects the neurons in the brain and reduces inflammation. All you need is 10-15 minutes of sunshine on your skin. For more extended periods of time in the sun, it is recommended to wear a sunscreen.

Spring cleaning your mind-person standing out side in sunlight.

4. Exercise to raise your heart rate. In spring, with the warmer temperatures and longer days make the most of getting outside for a walk, jog , bike ride or whatever physical activity that will raise your heart rate. Exercise improves your mood because of the increase in the release of endorphins.

Spring Cleaning Your Mind

Spring cleaning your mind-man and woman exercising.

5. Eat seasonally. Stock up on spring produce. Make the most of the spring fruits and vegetables such as leafy greens like baby spinach, arugula, more green salads that provide the folate and B vitamins that are important nutrients your brain needs.

Spring cleaning your mind-handful of fresh asparagus.

6. Renew your mindset. So many of our thoughts can be focused on the negative which can affect the way we feel. Practice gratitude, focus on the good. Change your attitude if it’s negative. Forgive.

Spring Cleaning Your Mind

Spring cleaning your mind-person wearing hoodie that says changing mindsets.
Photo by kylie De Guia on Unsplash

7. Add things to your life that bring joy. Pursue passions and new hobbies. Do things that bring you joy and make you feel alive! Find things that inspire you. Have fun!

Spring cleaning your mind-woman looking through camera.

8. Distance yourself from negative people, and set boundaries.

Spring cleaning your mind-fence with shadows.

If you make a sincere effort to spring clean your mind you will see reduced stress, an increased peace of mind and improved overall quality of life.

Happy spring and here’s to good mental health!

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