5 Surprising Benefits of Having Fresh Flowers in Your Home

Benefits of having fresh flowers in your Home-bouquet of pink roses and baby’s breath.

Did you know there are at least five benefits of having fresh flowers in your home? Fresh flowers can not only brighten your day, they can also improve the quality of your life. Along with being gorgeous, flowers provide many surprising but welcome benefits.

Fresh floral arrangements are wonderful additions to your home, brightening up the gray days of winter and bringing in the outdoors in the summer. Here are 5 surprising benefits of having fresh flowers in your home. Bring on the flower power!

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Benefits of Having Fresh Flowers

1. Flowers can boost your mood.

Simply looking at flowers and taking a moment to breathe in certain flower scents can lead to decreased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Researchers at Rutgers University investigated how flowers can help improve mood. 

In the first study, they presented women with flowers, a fruit basket, or a candle. They then measured the womens’ smiles after the presentation and measured their moods three days later. All of the women who received flowers exhibited a smile, and this group of women also reported the largest increase in a positive mood.

2. Plants and flowers clean the air.

Plants reduce carbon dioxide levels in the air, while also adding oxygen, making it easier to breathe. Some plants can also reduce levels of certain pollutants.

5 Surprising Benefits of Having Fresh Flowers in your Home

3. Plants and flowers can increase energy levels.

Simply spending time working with or even looking at flowers has been shown to lower fatigue and increase energy levels. Adding some flowering plants to your office or home could be a great way to provide a boost of mid-day energy and improve your focus and creativity.

4. Flowers can help you physically heal.

One study of 90 patients recovering from a hemorrhoidectomy in a hospital found that patients who were placed in rooms containing flowers “had significantly more positive physiologic responses evidenced by lower systolic blood pressure, and lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue than patients in the control room.”

5. The opportunity to nurture something can boost our happiness.

Just the jobs and attention to detail involved with caring for flowers and plants can help us feel happier. Whenever we nurture something smaller than ourselves we can feel fulfilled. Buying yourself floral bouquets is self care!

So along with being gorgeous, flowers provide many welcome benefits. They can improve mood, boost energy levels, and help you heal physically. Plus, they help build relationships and let others know you care.

5 Surprising Benefits of Having Fresh Flowers in your Home

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