9 Really Good Habits to Start this Month

Habits to start- 9 really good habits to start this month

You can start improving your life with these 9 really good habits to start this month. These are small changes you can incorporate into your daily routine for the next 30 days and beyond.

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Why are these Habits to Start this month so good?

These habits to start this month are so good because they are fail-proof. They’re fail-proof because Your life will change when you develop healthy habits. Your life will improve when you change something you do daily. You’ll find more success by taking baby steps (i.e. habits) rather than a few big leaps. Habits are more dependable than inspiration or motivation. Habits will determine your future.

1. Keep your Living space Neater

Habits to start this month-clean bedroom.

Life feels less chaotic when your living space is clean and tidy. When everything is in its place, you don’t waste time or energy looking for things. Clutter affects how much you enjoy being in a space, and can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Less clutter, less mess = less anxiety, more peace

I mention this point first because it has a subtle yet profound effect on us, whether we recognize it or not. It can drain your energy, affects your focus, and makes you feel on edge.

2. Drink More Water

Habits to start this month-woman drinking water.

Most of society is chronically dehydrated. Thirst is a late sign of dehydration. Adequate hydration on a consistent basis will give you a noticeable increase in energy, more clarity in your thinking, help with headaches, and improve your overall health.

If you don’t like water, flavor it naturally with fruit, cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, etc. Check out these great tips for drinking more water.

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9 Really Good Habits to Start this Month

3. Have a Healthy Dose of Laughter Every Day

Habits to start this month-group of adults laughing.

Yup. Laughter is good for your soul and there’s a ton of research to prove it. Laughter relieves stress; it actually lowers stress hormone levels in your body. Not only does it boost your mood, but it also strengthens your immune system, lessens pain, and soothes tension, amongst other things.

Start collecting humorous pins and create a Pinterest board that makes you laugh, or make a list of funny movies, or at the end of each day, think about what was the funniest thing that happened or that you came across that day.

When you get into the habit of looking for funny things, your brain starts to search out those things and bring them to your attention, thanks to your brain’s reticular activating system.

4. Pay Yourself First

Habits to start this month-money in a jar growing a plant.

Making savings a priority is the key to feeling in control. Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps will show you how to save for emergencies, pay off all your debt for good, and build wealth.

Starting a side hustle, learning about investment options, learning how to budget are all great ways to begin the process of learning how to pay yourself first. It’s never too late or you’re never too old to start.

9 Really Good Habits to Start this Month

5. Make Lists to stop your Swirling Brain

Habits to start this month-woman writing a list.

If you have thoughts swirling in your brain all the time – things to do, things to remember, things to deal with, then making simple lists will free up your brain, like a brain dump, which is great for helping you relax, feel less overwhelmed, and more in control and organized.

The lists that have made a big difference for me are weekly meal planning lists, gift giving lists, grocery lists, daily to do lists, books to read list, movies to watch, and seasonal bucket lists.

6. Visualize the End from the Beginning

Habits to start this month-woman with eyes closed.

Did you know your brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination? That’s what gives top performing athletes that winning edge. They visualize themselves making that winning shot, BEFORE they make it, and then the reality they experience follows suit.

Visualize your upcoming day the way you want it to go, whether you do this as part of your bedtime routine or morning routine. Visualize it and picture things going smoothly until it affects your emotions, or until you get a good feeling about it. Worry is a misuse of your imagination.

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a constant basis is exactly what you will experience in life.” – Tony Robbins

9 Really Good Habits to Start this Month

7. Practice Forgiveness

Habits to start this month-man and woman hugging.

Forgiving someone or something doesn’t mean you’re saying the other person was right and they’re getting off the hook. Forgiveness frees your heart, from those feelings that can wreak havoc on us over time.

Instead of directing your energy to unforgiveness, use your energy for better things, direct it to improving your life.

8. Get Healthy Sleep

Habits to start this month-woman sleeping in bed.

Getting a healthy night’s sleep begins the moment you wake up. Improve the quality of your sleep by getting morning light on your face as early as possible. This sets your circadian rhythm and hormones in motion.

Move your body, even if it’s just walking. Exercise deepens your sleep at night. Stop screen time 2 hours before bed or use blue light filtering glasses.

9 Really Good Habits to Start this Month

9. Don’t Go to Bed Angry

Habits to start this month-woman smiling with eyes closed.

In life, people will always make you angry. You do not necessarily have to offend people to be offended. But then you have to realize that the more you hoard the pain of the past in the recesses of your heart, the more you cause harm to yourself. Your subconscience marinates all night long on what you think about just before falling asleep.

Instead, think about how you want your upcoming day to go, and use your imagination to see good things happening.

A Month From Now…

Habits to start this month-calendar page with push pins.

A month from now… you can either have a month of progress OR a month of excuses why you didn’t.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practised every day.” – Jim Rohan

Design a Life You Love Daily Planner

A great tool to help you design a LIFE you love is a tool that helps you design a DAY you love. Designing one day at a time that you love will lead to ultimately designing a life that you love. The One Day at a Time Planner helps you achieve your dreams in small steps. It helps you stay focused on small daily habits that are important, and helps you re-align and stay focused when distractions try to take over.

Habits to start this month-Design a Life you love daily planner printable pages.

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