Homemade Lemon Rosemary Vinegar Cleaner

Are you looking for an all-natural homemade all-purpose cleaner? This diy homemade lemon rosemary vinegar cleaner is inexpensive, easy, environmentally friendly, and leaves a light spring-like fresh scent you’ll love!

For this recipe I use white vinegar, lemon slices and fresh rosemary. I clean with vinegar all the time. I use it it for everyday cleaning for sinks, countertops, exterior surfaces of toilets and more. By infusing lemons and herbs into the vinegar it helps reduce (not completely eliminate) the smell of the vinegar while leaving a lovely fresh scent.

*Important note: Do not use vinegar on granite countertops as the acidity can damage the seal.

Homemade Lemon Rosemary Vinegar Cleaner


1 -32 ounce mason jar

3 lemons

3-4 sprigs of fresh rosemary

White vinegar

Small spray bottle


Slice your lemons into thick slices and add them with the rosemary to the mason jar and fill to the top with the vinegar. Put on the lid and let sit for 10-14 days.

How to Use Vinegar to Clean

When you’re ready to use the infused vinegar, fill a small spray bottle half-full with the vinegar mixture(leaving the lemon slices and rosemary in the jar). Then add an equal amount of water to your spray bottle, filling it to the top. You won’t use all the vinegar solution at one time, so just leave it to marinate longer until you’ve used up what’s in your spray bottle.

Discard your vinegar solution after one month to keep it from spoiling.

There you have it! A fresh spring-like scent, all purpose natural cleaner.

Homemade Lemon Rosemary Vinegar Cleaner

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