5 Easy Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Easy bathroom cleaning hacks-clean bathroom.

Looking for easy bathroom cleaning hacks? Here are 5 easy bathroom cleaning hacks to make your bathroom cleaning easier and give you the motivation to do it.

When our kids were being taught to help out around the house, not one of them did a happy dance when being told it was their turn to clean the bathroom. To tell you the truth, I’m not excited when it’s my turn either! But everyone has to sometimes do things they don’t like.

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Easy bathroom cleaning hacks-unhappy woman sitting on couch.

Hack #1. If you have a shower curtain, throw the shower curtain and liner in the wash(read the washing instructions on the label first). Hang back up in the shower to dry

Hack #2. Have all your cleaning supplies in a container in the bathroom under the sink; this saves you from having to gather all your supplies together every time. They’re all there, ready to go.

This is what I have in my bathroom cleaning kit: paper towels(for cleaning the outside of the toilet), 2 cleaning cloths(one for the mirror, one for the counters, shower walls and bathtub edges, a scrubbing brush for the inside of the bathtub and shower floor(not in picture), vinegar-water solution, gloves, Vim(for cleaning the shower floor and interior bathtub , toilet bowl cleaner, and a toothbrush for cleaning hard to get to, stuck-on areas around the taps.

Easy Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Easy bathroom cleaning hacks-container with cleaning supplies.

Having a bathroom cleaning kit not only saves me time from getting all the supplies together, it motivates me to start cleaning because it’s ready to go.

Hack #3. Line your garbage can with a plastic bag. Then you’re not having to deal with dirty garbage cans. Keep extra bags in the bottom of the can, under the current bag being used, so when you take out the full bag, there’s another one right there for you.

Hack #4. Keep a rag or paper towels in your bathroom cleaning kit to wipe off splatters on the mirror right after they happen through the week.

I try to use natural, chemical-free cleaners as much as possible. natural-water solution makes an excellent and economical all-purpose cleaner. I use it for the sink, mirror, counter tops, shower walls, toilet exterior and bathroom floor. I mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water and keep it in a spray bottle.

Hack #5. Pick the same day each week to clean the bathroom. It’s much faster and easier cleaning a bathroom that’s cleaned regularly than one that hasn’t been cleaned for weeks on end.

Take a moment when you’ve finished cleaning to look around and admire your work. It’s a pleasure walking into a clean bathroom!

Having a clean bathroom will give you a sense of accomplishment, elevate your mood, and reduce stress levels.

5 Easy Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Easy bathroom cleaning hacks-clean bathroom.

My teenage daughter jokingly likes to say her number one bathroom cleaning hack is “Get Mom to do it.”

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