Laundry Room Ideas We Love

Laundry Room Ideas-Tennessee farmhouse style laundry room in blue and white colors.

Here are laundry room ideas we love! We love the laundry room design and the decor and hope you are inspired here as well. Who says laundry has to be a chore? What would you do if you could create the perfect laundry room? A room that you actually enjoy being in instead of dreading the work to be done in it?

Discover smart laundry room design here with ideas for thoughtful shelving, built in organization, laundry room ideas with cabinets, and spaces that are stylish and functional.

Find a way to enjoy being in your laundry room. I mean, wouldn’t you want to do laundry every day if your room was amazing? Joanna Gaines says, “I love the challenge of creating inspiration in spaces where I need it most. For me, that’s wherever there’s laundry.” Be inspired here with laundry room ideas, decor and designs we love!

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Laundry Room Ideas-laundry room with farmhouse sink.
Laundry Room at the Southern Living Idea House by Michael G. Imber, Architects. Photo by : Tria Giovan

Garden lovers can use this laundry room as a cut flower station with lots of counter space, while waiting for the laundry to finish. The farmhouse sink is perfect for potting plants or arranging flowers in vases.

Laundry Room Ideas-Tennessee farmhouse style laundry room in blue and white colors.
Laundry Room in a New Tennessee-Style Farmhouse by Tim Barber Ltd. Photo by Laura Hull

Lots of light in this laundry room and having a window to look out makes laundry chores that much more enjoyable.

Laundry Room Ideas we Love

Laundry Room Ideas-laundry room with dog shower.
Photo by Christopher Stark

Interior designer Dina Bandman chose wallpaper to complement the blue tiles of the dog shower. The decorative touches of the potted plants and the beautiful vases makes this a beautiful room one would enjoy spending time in. If you have pets, it pays to incorporate a pet-wash station.

Laundry Room Ideas-blue themed laundry room.

Laundry Room Ideas we Love

Laundry Room Ideas-peaceful and serene laundry room.

Love the look, organization and decorative touches. Peaceful and serene.

Laundry Room Ideas-laundry and art studio.
Wood and white Art & Laundry Studio, walnut Cherner stool, waxed mesquite floor by Elizabeth Drake. Photo by Werner Straube.

Double duty use of this space: an art studio while waiting for the laundry to finish.

Laundry Room Ideas we Love

Laundry Room Ideas-laundry room and office combination.

Sarah Richardson created a beautiful and functional flex space that operates as both a laundry room and a home office. The pastel blue and wood combination makes it very welcoming.

Laundry Room Ideas-light filled laundry room.

Love the light filled room with soothing baby blue hues.

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