Easy Spring Decor: Spring Kitchen Refresh

Spring kitchen refresh-yellow tulips in white vase on table.

Here you’ll find great ideas for spring decor: spring kitchen refresh. Spring is a time to celebrate the great outdoors and bring some of that spring beauty inside.

With each change of season I love to add some seasonal touches around our home. For me, spring is about making my home feel light, bright and fresh. Some easy spring decorating ideas I like to use are pops of color, whether it be soft pastels or something brighter. For the kitchen, here are some ways to do that:

Cherry blossoms in the spring. If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where you can get fresh, how wonderful! Faux is beautiful as well and if you mix both faux and real together, it can be hard to tell which is which.

Change up your wall art to spring art work. Add spring colors and patterns to your spring kitchen refresh through tea towels, pot holders and aprons.

Add a fresh bouquet of tulips, or force flowering branches from your yard to bloom.

What are Spring Colors to use in a spring Kitchen Refresh?

Spring colors include fresh, energizing, nature-inspired shades of yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, or lavender that can range from pastel shades to brighter tones.

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Spring kitchen refresh-vase with faux cherry blossoms.
Spring kitchen refresh-vase with yellow forsythia.
Spring blooms – Forsythia

Forcing blooms on flowering branches is a great way to bring spring indoors:

Spring kitchen refresh-flowering branches in green vases.

Spring Decor: Spring Kitchen Refresh

Adding a salt jar with pink Himalayan salt adds a pretty pink touch:

Spring kitchen refresh-pink salt in clear container.

Adding soft pops of color with kitchen tea towels and a decorative hand soap or dish detergent container:

Spring kitchen refresh-pops of pastel colors (pink tea towel, blue soap dispenser).

Spring Decor: Spring Kitchen Refresh

Even the dish detergent itself can add to the spring decor:

Spring kitchen refresh-pink tea towel, pink dish soap and pink bowl.

Adding a simple table centrepiece adds a pop of spring color with both a daffodil and eggs symbolic of spring:

Spring kitchen refresh-yellow daffodil in vase with spotted pastel eggs.
Monika Grabkowska/Unsplash.com

Spring Decor: Spring Kitchen Refresh

Spring kitchen refresh-yellow daffodils in clear vase on window ledge.
Kavita Joshi Rai/Unsplash.com

Infusing your kitchen and home with fresh spring scents such as a Lemon and Rosemary Simmering Stove Top Potpourri:

Spring kitchen refresh-Lemon slices, sprigs of Rosemary and water in a white bowl.

Spring Decor: Spring Kitchen Refresh

Adding a fresh new scent to your cleaning products. Here is an all natural diy orange basil cleaning solution:

Spring kitchen refresh-two oranges and a sprig of basil.
Spring kitchen refresh-pink nectarine flowers in a vase.

Nectarine blossoms in the spring.

Inspirational Spring Art Printables

Spring kitchen refresh-inspirational spring art printables.

Looking for easy ways to update your kitchen decor for spring? I’m so excited to share some beautiful inspirational spring art printables I made just for you! CLICK HERE.

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