10 Home Stairs and Rails with a Serious Wow Factor

Home Stairs with stair sticker decals.

These creative ideas for Home stairs will amaze you! These home stairs are unique and ingenious and will inspire you with beautiful home stairway ideas for home staircase designs such as under stairs ideas, wood stairs, stairs slides and stairway railing ideas.

Stairs and rails help set the look and feel of a home. The stair design and stair railing ideas here are the ultimate conversation piece for those who visit these homes. These unique and ingenious house stairs ideas are gorgeous and make bold statements – home stairs and rails with a serious wow factor!

What are some different Designs of Home Stairs?

Home stairs come in a variety of different designs. Floating stairs for example are stairs that minimize or hide the supporting structure of the staircase. This gives the impression that the individual steps are floating. Floating stairs are popular in open concept spaces.

A spiral staircase is a round stair system in which the stair treads connect to a center column, hence forming a complete circle. Spiral staircases were created to save floor space.

A curved staircase is similar to a spiral staircase in that they both make turns without using a landing platform. However, curved staircases do not make a full circle, and instead “curve” subtly to a new direction.

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Home Stairs and Rails with a Serious Wow Factor

Home stairs with slide.

If you’re in a hurry, you could take the slide.

Home stairs-floating stairs.
Floating stairs by Finesse

Home Stairs and Rails with a Serious Wow Factor

Play area beneath home stairs.

A play area under the staircase.

Home stairs-spiral staircase.

This beautiful spiral staircase is a stunning architectural feature in this home.

Home Stairs and Rails with a Serious Wow Factor

Home stairs-floating stair case.

Magnificent stair design and railings.

Curved Home stairs.

Beautiful architecture and craftsmanship with these stairs.

Home Stairs and Rails with a Serious Wow Factor

 Curved Home stairs

Excellent and unique stair railing and curved stairway craftsmanship.

Carved wood Home stairs.

Such a creative stair railing idea.

Home Stairs and Rails with a Serious Wow Factor

Home stairs-spiral stairs with slide.

A stairs slide would be every child’ dream.

Home stairs with stair decals.

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