Easy Spring Flower Project-Cool Weather Planter

Spring flower project-cool weather planter of hyacinth, ranunculus and primula flowers.

Looking for a spring flower project to do? Flower pots filled with spring blooms make my heart sing! After a long winter it’s so refreshing to see beautiful, bright pops of color to greet you at your front door or on your front porch.

This spring flower project-cool weather planter are plants I’ve chosen that are cold weather tolerant, which makes them a great choice for those cool spring days and nights, but still providing you with beauty until things warm up.

This recycleable spring planter is also cost efficient as the plants can be reused with proper care when done blooming! I’ve placed my spring planter south facing but not in direct sun. The overhang of my roof is quite large and provides protection from full sun.

They are also perennial (hyacinth and ranunculus) or can be brought indoors or divided after the growing season (primula).

Spring flower project-cool weather planter


Most primulas do best in partial shade, with moisture-retentive soil. Primulas absorb a lot of water and need soil that is constantly moist. Check the soil every couple of days to make sure that it is moist at a depth of 1 inch. Primulas are quite hardy but they don’t like harsh direct sunlight as the plant can heat up too much (temperatures higher than 18 degrees Celsius or 64 F).Primulas can take frost and will provide you with an abundance of colour until things warm up.

They will bloom throughout the summer and the flowers can be deadheaded when they’re done blooming to encourage more blooms which also prevents it from going to seed. Plants can be grown indoors when they are located in a window with strong — but not direct — light. They can last up to a few months indoors. Or you can dig up the plant and divide it.


Hyacinths are beautiful spring blooming bulbs that have an incredible fragrance. For the largest flowers and straightest stems, plant your hyacinths in full sun. The bulbs will also flower in light shade or half-day sun but won’t grow as tall.

Once the leaves start to emerge, it takes about 3 weeks for the flowers to open. One hung to note: hyacinth bulbs are poisonous to pets. Hyacinths bloom just once per year (in the spring), but they will happily bloom again in subsequent years if provided with the proper care. They are a perennial plant.

Spring Flower Project-Cool Weather Planter


Rununculas are cool seasons flowers that are so beautiful and remind me of roses. Their rose-like petals are thin and delicate. Ranunculas like a bright location but don’t like direct sunlight and don’t do well in high temperatures. They can be planted in part sun or part shade. You can save the ranunculas bulb (called a corm) after the growing season and with proper care can replant it again next year for more beautiful blooms.

10 days later, the Hyacinth has started to open up.

Spring Flower Project-Cool Weather Planter

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