Top 10 Tulip Arrangements You’ll Love

Tulips are the classic symbol of spring! They are like adding sunshine and spring warmth to a room. Here are the top 10 tulip arrangements you’ll love to help celebrate the season. Tulips are beautiful just simply placed in a vase but these tulip arrangements are a bit more dramatic and are really easy to do. You can make these from grocery store bouquets and as spring approaches and tulip season begins there will be a large variety of colors to choose from.

Because of a tulip’s bendiness, you can actually place them sideways in a clear, glass fishbowl for this look.


A tighter arrangement that single color, double, or multicolor tulips would all look great with.

Top 10 Tulip Arrangements You’ll Love


Once you have your flowers arranged. Gather the tulip stems together, wrap with an elastic and trim the bottoms off evenly. Wrap a few of the tulip leaves to wrap the bunches together in a long vessel.


A simple and elegant tulip arrangement using a tall vase.

Top 10 Tulip Arrangements You’ll Love


DIY cabbage tulip flower arrangement that is colorful farm to table goodness.


One cool thing about tulips is they are super pliable. Here is a dramatic tulip arrangement with the leaves removed and using only the stems to arrange in a circular pattern.

Top 10 Tulip Arrangements You’ll Love


Adding tulip plants to a wire basket and then filling it in with some moss makes a striking arrangement.


Green grass lines this circular vase with the tulip stems off to one side.

Top 10 Tulip Arrangements You’ll Love


Easy tulip and asparagus centrepiece.


Tulip and pussy willow centerpiece.

Tulip Tips:

1. Buy tulips that are not fully opened.

2.Cut 1/4 inch off the stems at a 45-degree angle before putting in water.

3.Check the water often as you’ll need to replenish it because they do drink a lot.

4.If tulips droop, cut off two more inches from the ends of the tulips, and drop two pennies in the vase.

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