Classy and Convenient Recycling

Classy and convenient recycling-stylish cabinet in kitchen.

I want to share a simple, classy and convenient recycling idea with you today. This is about home organization that adds beauty and makes life a bit easier. Organizing your recycing can have a stylish look to it and not just be about the recycling bins in the garage.

A lot of the things I recycle on a daily basis come from the kitchen area of my home. So by having a stylish cabinet in my kitchen area that holds material for recycling doesn’t take away from the beauty of my home and also offers convenience.

I don’t have to make a trip to the garage where the city recycle bin is every time I have something to put in it. I put my things for recycling in the cabinet in the kitchen and then every few days or so take it to the recycle bin.

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Classy and convenient recycling-empty drink cans and cardboard boxes in cabinet drawer.

The city where I live collects recycling material every two weeks, so it definitely accumulates in that time. We also use the cabinet as a place to hold bottles and cans that we take to the bottle depot. I really like the idea of putting a cabinet in the kitchen for its ease of access in the most used room of our home.

Classy and Convenient Recycling

Classy and convenient recycling-cardboard box with empty glass jars.

When the boxes are full in the cabinet, we empty them in to the recycle bin in the garage or a larger bag for the bottles to take to the bottle depot. Our city provides one large recycle bin that most recycleable material goes in. Some people have a recycling station set up in their garage or another area using several bins.

Classy and convenient recycling-stylish cabinet in kitchen.

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