4 Simple Cheap Kitchen Organization Tips

Kitchen organization- box labelled household manuals

Looking for kitchen organization tips? From saving time, energy and money to keeping up with your organization, and to making your kitchen look nicer, it is well worth the effort to get your kitchen organized. Here are a few simple, cheap kitchen organization tips to get you started.

A messy cluttered unorganized kitchen is stressful. Life feels more chaotic to me when there’s a lot of clutter.

And it’s so frustrating when I go to the store and buy something only to find I already had the item buried behind or under something.

My kitchen organization is pretty simple and inexpensive. That being said, some people do an amazing job of organizing their pantry, with jars that have labels and beautiful baskets or containers. It’s pretty cool I will admit. But if you want to just take a few baby steps in your kitchen organization keep reading.

In today’s world, there are so many different storage options. It does not matter the size of your kitchen, organizing is easy! There are tons of different products out there to help organize your space to help keep it clutter-free!

A clearly labelled plain old cardboard box does the trick sometimes and doesn’t cost anything.

Simple Cheap Kitchen Organization Tips

Kitchen organization-glass of clothespins in drawer.

1. Clothespins kept neatly in a glass for closing bags or packaged materials after opening is a simple cheap kitchen organization tip.

Kitchen organization-miscellaneous items in a drawer lined up neatly.

2. We all have those miscellaneous items but why not organize them neatly all lined up in the same direction to easily see what and where an item is, as opposed to having them in all directions.

Simple Cheap Kitchen Organization Tips

Kitchen organization-dinner plates and measuring cups in a drawer.

3. Instead of putting plates higher up in an overhead cupboard, storing them in a drawer at waist level makes it convenient for families with younger children to access dishes for themselves.

Kitchen organization-sink grid.

4. An in the sink dish rack saves me counter space and looks great.

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