10 Beautiful Quiet Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Luxury bathroom ideas-bathroom with neutral and wood tones, stand alone bathtub and shower.

Here are 10 beautiful quiet luxury bathroom ideas. These are not your everyday bathrooms. So what makes for a quiet luxury bathroom? Quiet luxury is more about an understated elegance.

It’s not so much about having flashiness as it is about creating a peaceful retreat for oneself. Quiet luxury is more about being sophisticated, yet welcoming, but not too showy. For some it may be a tropical oasis, or for others it may be a gold chandelier and marble, and others may like a dark luxury bathroom.

Design elements and layout, lighting, and statement pieces like a beautiful tub are common. A deep free standing tub is a luxury statement by itself. Unique bathtubs and sink basins, heated floors, rooms with amazing views and extra perks such as fireplaces, saunas or steam showers.

Other quiet luxurious bathrooms include ideas like having a pretty or serene piece of artwork to look at from your tub or highlighting your passions whether that be plants or art. I love how the designers of these bathrooms think outside the box.

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Quiet Luxury Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

You don’t have to forfeit having a quiet luxury bathroom when on a budget. You can have luxury for less with ideas like swapping out basic mirrors for decorative ones.

Decorate your bathroom with neutral, natural or earthy organic touches. Plants add a relaxing and welcoming vibe to any bathroom. Massage shower heads have a relaxing effect. A tub tray can hold your favorite drink and book to read while you soak in the tub.

Artwork adds beauty, and loofahs, pumice and bath brushes are useful and add decor to your bathroom. Clear glass shower doors can make a bathroom seem larger.

I love the texture brought in through the stonework in this first photo. Organic and natural materials like stone are good for high moisture areas.

Luxury bathroom ideas-bathroom with earth tones in stone, tile, and plants.

Nothing like having a bathroom that connects to the outdoors. If you live in a warm climate year round this indoor/outdoor bathroom is a great idea.

Luxury bathroom ideas-indoor/outdoor bathroom with stand alone bath tub outside and shower inside.

The dark concrete creates a grand and elegant masterpiece for a dark luxury bathroom. When you have a home surrounded by beautiful scenery, make the most of it. Having ample natural light makes it feel not too dark, just sleek and modern.

Luxury bathroom ideas-stand alone concrete bath tub and shower outdoors.

This light filled bathroom is reflected with the help of a ceiling mirror. The neutral colors give a fresh, clean, soothing feel and the plants add just the right amount of color. Green, wood and white is a winning combination.

Luxury bathroom ideas-bathroom in white and wood tones with green plants.

A small luxury bathroom when done right can seem bright and spacious as the one below. Grey is easy and goes with everything.

Luxury bathroom ideas-small bathroom with marble sink, gold taps and faucet, and gray tiled shower.

Having a steam shower definitely makes for a luxury bathroom and is amazing in so many ways. Steam therapy could definitely become addictive. It not only feels like pure indulgence, the health benefits such as improved breathing and circulation, as well as healthier skin makes it a health and wellness retreat in your own home.

Luxury bathroom ideas-steam shower with clear glass doors and wood cabinetry.

Interior designer Kendall Wilkinson of Kendall Wilkinson Design, highlights the view in this luxury bathroom with floor-to-ceiling glass.

Luxury bathroom ideas-bathroom with stand alone tub, floor to ceiling windows and large shower.

A beautiful marble fireplace is an extra perk that adds cozy vibes, along with a bright airy space adding to the classic appeal of this luxury bathroom.

Luxury bathroom ideas-white bathroom with marble fireplace

This luxury bathroom designed by Karyl Pierce Paxton and photographed by Kerry McCaffety is classic with the white theme, and combined with the bold black and white flooring is stunning. The tiles are not only gorgeous but give this space a cool, artistic flair, without being overly showy.

Luxury bathroom ideas-white bathroom with bold black and white geometric flooring.

Soothing colors, spacious, airy, and a room with a beautiful view makes this luxury bathroom master bath a spa-like retreat. Furniture pieces with curves and rounded edges add an air of luxury as well.

Luxury bathroom ideas-white and grey bathroom with grey stand alone tub and floor to ceiling windows.

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