15 French Nails – Unique and Classic

French nails-classic French nail manicure and chrome French nails.

Here are 15 French nails and French tip nails – unique and classic to wear year round. What are classic French nails? Classic French nails feature a white tip with a nude or pink base, with the idea being to enhance the look of natural nails.

There are beautiful variations such as French tip nails which are one of the biggest nail trends of our time. French tip nail designs come in lots of bold colors and surprising color combinations.

To achieve that beautiful French tip, whether it’s the classic French nail or the French tip nail look, it’s important to get a clean separation between the base and the tip of the nail. You can achieve that by using French nail kits for natural nails, French manicure nail art stickers, or even paper reinforcements. There are French manicure kits for acrylic and gel nails as well.

French nails are so versatile; they are perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. French nails or a French manicure can be done easily at home, with patience and practise, and here you’ll find great step by step tutorials on how to do just that.

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Chrome French Nails

A unique fusion of classical French nails and modern chrome elements.

French nails-chrome french nails.

Micro French Manicure

The micro French manicure is similar to the classic French manicure, but the tip is decorated with an elegant, ultra-thin line. This is the barely there French manicure. This minimalist French manicure is perfect for those looking to keep their nails low key but chic using subtle thin lines.

French nails-micro French manicure.

Glass French Nails

These French nails use a clear gel nail extension to give the look of glass.

French nails-glass French nails.

15 French Nails – Unique and Classic

French Manicure Mix

You can get creative with French nails by mixing them up with white nails, adding rhinestones, glitter, swirls, or colored accents.

French nails-French manicure mix.

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Bold Bright French Tips

Bold bright French tip nails offer a more delicate look than all red nails.

French nails-bold bright French tips.

Colorful French Tips with a Butterfly Accent

French nails-colorful French tips with a butterfly accent.
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15 French Nails – Unique and Classic

Two Color French Nails

Classic French nails with subtle color added.

French nails-two color French nails.

While French nails look simple to do at home, it may require practice and a steady hand. Having the right tools will make it definitely easier to attempt a DIY manicure.

Milky French Manicure

An invisible French manicure with nail tips painted with a very subtle polish.

French nails-milky French manicure.

Clear French Tips

French nails-clear French tips.

Two Tone French Nails

French nails-two tone French nails.

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If you’re interested in learning how to do a classic French manicure then check out the below tutorials. The perfect french manicure requires an action plan, patience and practice.

DIY Perfect French Tip Manicure

“A step by step nail tutorial on how to do the perfect French tip manicure right at home. These are so easy to do and perfect for beginners.”

French nails-DIY perfect French tip manicure.

Check it out here.

At Home French Manicure

“How to do the easiest at home French manicure ever, with no skill needed, super quick and it turns out to be perfect!”

French nails-At home French manicure.

Check it out here.

DIY Milky French Manicure

French nails-DIY milky French manicure.

Check it out here.

How to do French Ombre Nails

“This is a guide to DIY French fade nails. Learn how to do French ombré nails at home with this easy step by step tutorial.”

French nails-How to do French Ombré nails.

Check it out here.

My Secret to a Perfect DIY French Manicure

French nails-my secret to a perfect DIY French manicure.

Check it out here.

Nail Design Template for Creative Nail Art

Do you love to design your own nails or others? Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your nail designs? Are you looking for a teaching tool for yourself or others to learn nail design? Here is something special for you – a nail design template for creative nail art.

French nails-Nail design template for creative nail art.

This Nail Design Template is a digital download that is a great tool for creative nail art. This is a downloadable printable (PDF file) that includes four popular nail shapes for you to get creative with! Coffin, almond, square and stiletto.

These templates can be used to practise your designing skills, jot down your ideas or display your work. Each order comes with 5 pdf pages which you can print and/or upload to a painting app.

Download Nail Design Template Here.

Home Manicure and Pedicure Essentials 

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