10 Step by Step Easy Watercolor Paintings

Easy watercolor paintings-fall tree, simple butterflies, how to paint a leaf, and sage herb.

Looking for step by step easy watercolor paintings? Here are 10 art inspo ideas to get creative with! You can use these beautiful paintings in an art journal, as a gift for someone, or as wall art decor, and change them out with the seasons.

Why do a Watercolor Painting?

These step by step easy watercolor paintings are a great way to express your creativity and add beauty to your surroundings. Watercolor has a beautiful and transparent look, dries quickly, is affordable, and is easy to set up and clean up.

Watercolor Painting Terms

Watercolor art terms to know are wet on wet. This means adding a bit of clean water to your paper FIRST, and then adding your wet paint to that spot on the paper. The wet paint will follow the water. This gives you a soft, foggy or diffused look.

Wet on dry means adding wet watercolor paint to DRY paper. It’s good for adding details and precise lines.

Dry on dry or dry brush technique means you’re painting on a dry surface, and your brush should have very little paint on it and/or your damp brush blotted very well. You always need a small amount of water though to get some paint on your brush.

Easy Watercolor Painting Tips for Beginners

To enjoy watercolor painting and make it go easier and smoother, a few things to remember:

1. Start with adding light colors first and then gradually add in darker colors.

2. Use more water to begin with and less as you go on with your painting. After wetting your brush remember to blot or dab it on a dry paper towel to get rid of excess water, before putting paint on it.

3. Be sure to use watercolor paper. Watercolor paper is heavier and thicker and will definitely affect the look of your painting compared to regular paper.

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Easy Watercolor Tree Painting in Fall Colors

How to paint beautiful watercolor tree painting with fall colors in 5 minutes! Easy step by step tutorial & fun art technique for beginners.

Easy watercolor-fall tree.

Check it out here.

Autumn Front Door Watercolor Tutorial

Paint this beautiful front door with autumn leaves, orange pumpkins, and glowing yellow lanterns.

Easy watercolor-autumn front door.

Check it out here.

10 Step by Step Easy Watercolor Paintings

Cute Great Horned Owls in Watercolor

Easy watercolor-great horned owls.

Check it out here.

How to Paint a Leaf

Easy watercolor-step by step fall leaf.
Credit: atelier_amateur

How to Paint a Winter Landscape

Easy watercolor-winter landscape.

Check it out here.

10 Step by Step Easy Watercolor Paintings

How to Paint a Snow Covered Evergreen Tree

If it’s snowing and blowing outside, what better time to paint a snow covered evergreen tree.

Easy watercolor-snow covered evergreen tree.

Check it out here.

Watercolor Advent Calendar with Free Printable

Beginners of all ages find success with this step-by-step watercolor advent tutorial.

Easy watercolor-watercolor advent calendar.

Check it out here.

How to Paint Watercolor Sage Herb

“This is an easy, fun, and simple-to-follow watercolor tutorial – a great painting for beginners or any level!”

Easy watercolor-sage herb.

Check it out here.

10 Step by Step Easy Watercolor Paintings

Sunflower in Watercolor

Easy watercolor-sunflower.

Check it out here.

Simple Watercolor Butterflies

“These watercolor butterflies are quick and easy to paint. We’ll use the wet in wet and wet on dry techniques to wonderful effect and you’ll be creating your own beautiful butterflies in no time.”

Easy watercolor-simple butterflies.

Check it out here.

Simple Butterfly

Easy watercolor-simple butterfly.
Credit: atelier_amateur

Beautiful, Simple Watercolor Flowers to Inspire

Easy watercolor-lavender flowers.

Check it out here.

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