St. Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas

Bring touches of green to your home with beautiful, easy Diy St. Patrick’s Day decor ideas. ☘️

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Adding touches of green with fresh greenery through plants and a boxwood wreath for a St. Patrick’s Day mantle:

Brass candle holders, brass on the plant containers and gold wrapped chocolate coins add a festive flair.

St. Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas

Small decorative chalk boards can be switched out and changed with chalk markers for any type of holiday.

This is a beautiful and simple St. Patrick’s Day wreath. The boxwood wreath is still fresh and green from when I purchased it at Christmas. I sprayed it with Wilt Pruf which is fantastic for keeping fresh greens lasting for months. I wrapped a simple shamrock garland around it to add a. St. Patrick’s touch.

St. Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas

Adding candles makes decorating easy, with changing up the colours and candle holders. Or keep the candle holders and just switch out the colours for different decorating themes.

St. Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas

Description on the back of the bottle: Extreme moisture loss from plants causes severe wilting, shock or plant failure. It strikes: in winter when drying winds and frozen ground deprive plants of their natural moisture intake; when plant roots are disturbed during transplanting; during periods of drought; or when Christmas trees and greens are cut. Wilt-Pruf forms a clear, flexible film without interfering with growth. One application will last three to four months. Wilt Pruf can be purchased in Canada here, and in the USA here.

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