Best Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

Indoor plant decor ideas - canopy bed with a variety of plants as the canopy.

Looking for indoor plant decor ideas? Plants add beautiful green decor that adds vibrancy to a room. If you’re a plant lover, plant mom, have a green thumb, or a plant lady and looking for some fresh ideas for decorating with plants then here are the best indoor plants decor ideas that we love!

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What is the best way to decorate with indoor plants?

There are a lot of ways to decorate with indoor plants such as adding indoor plants to shelves and windowsills, using decorative pots, layering plants at different heights, using indoor trees to create focal points, using mirrors to give the impression that there are more plants, or creating a bathroom oasis.

If you don’t want a lot of plants, one big plant or tree can make a big statement, such as a palm. Trailing plants like an ivy or a pathos can be trained to climb up a wall or shelf.

Fragrant indoor plants, such as Lavender or spearmint not only add visual beauty, but bring aromatherapy to a space. If you have pets be aware that some indoor plants are toxic to pets.

One of the most important tips to remember when decorating with living indoor plants is a light source for them. Before buying plants, observe how much sunlight your different spaces receive and then plan accordingly. Some plants need and thrive in bright direct sunlight while others do well in low light.

Snake plants, air plants and Boston ferns make great bathroom plants that like humid environments. A sunny window in your kitchen is a great place for herbs like rosemary and basil. If your kitchen is not so sunny, less fussy herbs like parsley and mint will do better there.

If you don’t have a bright sunny space low, light plants such as a lemon button fern, a red prayer plant , a heart leaf Philodenron, a spider plant, or a golden pathos would do well.

Indoor plants have health benefits as well as adding beauty to a room. They improve air quality by adding oxygen and cleaning the air. They give you something to care for and nourish which improves one’s sense of well being.

One can also of course purchase beautiful faux plants if you don’t have a green thumb or don’t want the care involved that you would have with a living plant. Introducing green decor in the form of plants is a nice, non committal way to include green into your home.

Indoor plant decor ideas-green plant decor and wood combination.

I love the earthy combination of the green with the wood that makes this a beautiful indoor plant decor idea.

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Indoor plant decor ideas-green wall vine.

This indoor plant decor idea for the living room adds such a beautiful focal point.

Indoor plant decor ideas-green wall plant focal point.

Best Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

Indoor plant decor ideas-green plants with driftwood.

Love this addition of driftwood with indoor plant decor.


What a beautiful way to upgrade your table into a succulent garden.

Indoor plant decor ideas-bedroom vine.

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Plant clips for climbing plants:

Faux ivy garland:

Best Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

Indoor plant decor ideas-plant ladder.

Beautiful indoor plant decor with a space saving idea was well.

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Indoor plant decor ideas-plants and desk.

Best Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

Indoor plant decor ideas-wall plants along staircase.
Indoor plant decor ideas-ceiling plants.

Best Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

Indoor plant decor ideas-bathroom plant decor.
Indoor plant decor ideas-bed canopy plants.
Indoor plant decor ideas-window plant decor.

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