Best Vision Board Ideas

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Looking for best vision board ideas? One of my favorite ways to reflect on the current year and look forward into the upcoming year is to create a vision board or dream board. And you don’t have to do this just in January. You can start a vision board at anytime of the year. A vision board helps create and maintain a success mindset.

With a vision board you are using visualization to speak to your subconscious mind. Seeing your goals on a consistent basis provides clarity to your subconscious mind about where you want to go.

I love vision boards because they’re a totally creative way to have this conversation with yourself about setting goals and to reflect on what your dream life looks like. I honestly consider it to be a self care practice because it’s an amazing way to spend some quality “me time” especially during the hectic holiday season.

Creating a vision board is about imagining the person we want to be and having faith that we can get there. Mindset is everything. The biggest struggle we all have is thinking we can’t achieve something because we don’t already have it.

When we create a dream board we’re allowing ourselves to focus on who we are experiencing ourself to be through the visual images we see. It creates a sense of direction and vision that we can strive for, rather than settling for a vision based on who we are right now.

What should vision board ideas include?

This is completely up to you. I typically like to break down important goals in my life into categories. Here are a few examples of my vision board ideas.

  • Family
  • Faith
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Fun
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Mental health

Important Things to Remember for Vision Board Ideas

Here are 3 important things to remember when creating your vision board. Mindset matters, but it’s your mindset, combined with pictures that affect your feelings consistently.

1. Areas for Improvement

Look at each area of your life and where you currently are. Creating a vision board is to think about which areas of your life you want to improve or grow in. It’s as David J. Schwartz says, ““Visualize yourself not as you are but as you can be.”

2. Focus on Your Feelings.

This is where the power of vision boards is. When you look at the pictures on your vision board, how do they make you feel.

When we aim for an end goal, it’s the feeling that we think that the end goal is going to give us not actually the item itself. When we think about how we want to feel first, it opens our minds to the endless opportunities that can get there. Your subconscience doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination and you reprogram your subconscience or your autopilot through pictures and feelings.

So ask yourself how you want to feel first and what images bring you to those feelings.

3. Put it all together and place it somewhere you’ll see every day

Consistency is key. Repitition with images and feelings (good vibes) will bring your dreams to pass. My suggestion is to put it somewhere you will see every day, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night. My room or kitchen is my favourite place. I see it every day and I feel as though it subconsciously drives my actions just by seeing it.

Dream boards are truly a life-changing tool that is empowering. It helps us to take back our lives and gives us the power to redirect our path.

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