12 Favorite Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse bathroom ideas- black and white with subway shower tiles, black flooring and white cabinets.

Find inspiration here with our favorite farmhouse bathroom ideas! Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? We love the farmhouse theme and that’s why you’ll find tons of inspiration here for favorite farmhouse bathroom ideas!

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A farmhouse interior design is warm and welcoming with white being a dominant color that’s often livened up with wood elements and green touches. Shiplap (horizontal or vertical siding), natural textures such as cotton or linen, and natural light are common characteristics.

Farmhouse bathroom ideas with dresser to bathroom vanity.
Via @a_shoestring_renovation

Farmhouse bathroom decoration can include other features such as wooden floors, wooden ceiling beams exposed, and a neutral color palette in shades of white, gray or beige which gives a clean, fresh and calming look. Simple tiles can soften the ruggedness of wood features. Farmhouse decor has a warm, approachable feel to it which makes it soothing to a lot of people.

Farmhouse bathroom ideas with shiplap.

Strong black accents on the mirror frame, walk in shower frame, faucets and hardware contrast well with white subway tile walls or shiplap. Mixing new and old elements, using vintage accessories and wire baskets all add to the farmhouse look and feel.

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Favorite Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse bathroom ideas with green walls.

The easiest and simplest way to change your bathroom decor is to change your paint colors. Farmhouse paint colors then to be neutral or earth tones.

Farmhouse bathroom ideas with wood accents.

Favorite Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse bathroom ideas with subway shower tiles.
Andrea West Design (Via)
Farmhouse bathroom ideas with white and wood.
Farmhouse bathroom ideas with subway backsplash.

Matte black is a great choice for farmhouse style because it can give off a modern or rustic feel, depending on the other elements you pair with it.

Favorite Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse bathroom ideas with stand alone claw foot tub.

Distressed wood, multiple textures, and natural finishes that create a classy and timeless design style. A farmhouse bathroom style is intended to be very soothing and neutral. There’s often a sense of nostalgia throughout the space with a sprinkling of vintage and repurposed pieces.

Farmhouse bathroom ideas with repurposed vanity.
Farmhouse bathroom ideas with white and black.
Farmhouse bathroom ideas with white, black and wood.
Farmhouse bathroom ideas with black flooring.

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