25 Stunning Winter Nails

Gorgeous winter nails-white nails with black Christmas tree accent on ring finger and black sparkles on pinkie nail.

Looking for stunning winter nails? With the colder temperatures and shorter days, we’re spending more time at home now so why not take the time to try some of these fabulous winter nail art ideas!

Beautiful winter nail colors such as shimmering white nails and moody gray nails. Beautiful silvers and blue undertones, holiday sparkle for Christmas and New Years, and fun wintery designs.

Gorgeous winter nails can add cheer to those cold winter blues. You’ll also find a nail design template (digital download) for creative nail art.

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Winter Nail Care Tips

Cold, dry air sucks the moisture not only out of skin and hair, but nails as well, which leads to more brittle, easier to chip and flake nails. To help replenish that moisture and keep your winter nails looking beautiful all season long, here are 6 winter nail care tips.

1. If using an acetone nail polish remover, be sure to be using a good cuticle oil regularly. How often is regularly? Everyday. And in the winter, twice a day. Olive oil and coconut oil are excellent oils to massage onto your nails and cuticles. Both are moisturizing, absorb easily and are probably already in your kitchen.

2. Moisturize with hand lotion a few times each day, especially after hand washing.

3. With hand washing, use soaps that are less drying, and with using hand sanitizers, use ones with less or no alcohol.

4. Diet is important. Your nails need vitamins and minerals, just like the rest of you, and staying hydrated is really important.

5. Try a lemon juice nail soak with bare nails twice a week. I noticed when I started soaking my fingernails with one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice for 10 minutes, they didn’t chip as often and were thus stronger and grew longer.

6. Wear gloves outside to protect your hands and nails from cold, dry air.

Shades of gray with snowflake nails

Winter nails with shades of gray with snowflake nail art.

White nails with colored dots

White winter nails with colored dots.

These classic white nails make a statement and the coloured dots add a subtle pop of color.

“Imagination is the only limitation of nail art” – unknown

Silver nail color

Winter nails with silver nail color.

Beautiful silver shimmer.

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Gray nails with hearts and snowflakes and pink accent nail

Winter nails-gray nails with hearts and snowflakes and pink accent nail.

This detailed wintry look is so cute.

Gorgeous Winter Nails

Black nails with white snowflakes

Winter nails-black nails with white snowflakes.

Snowflakes definitely shout out winter. Love how the white dots on top of the black tie in the overall snow theme.

Gorgeous Winter Nails

White nails with black checkered triangles

Stunning winter nails-white nails with black checkered triangles.

This striking combo of black and white is always a great idea and is sure to grab attention.

“Your nails are a reflection of yourself.” – unknown

White nails with center silver glitter stripe

Winter nails-white nails with center silver glitter stripe.

White nails with a delicate strip of glitter down the center to catch the light.

Gorgeous Winter Nails

Two Shades of silver

Stunning winter nails with two shades of silver.

Beautiful silver French manicure tips.

French nails with a twist

Winter nails with white French nail tips with a twist.

This classic French tip with a twist with the added design is sure to compliment any outfit.

Gorgeous Winter Nails

Navy blue, white and polka dot nails

Stunning winter nails of navy blue, and white with polka dot nail art.

Classic go-to colors for the colder months of the year.

“You’re never fully dressed without a good manicure.” – Essie Weingarten

Gold French nails

Gold French nails as beautiful winter nails.

The metallic accents are eye catching and add just the right amount of shine.

Gorgeous Winter Nails

Black French nails, white dots and black Christmas tree accent

Winter nails- black French nails, white dots with black Christmas tree nail art.

The black French manicure with the added sparkle is beautiful.

Gorgeous Winter Nails

Gold stripes and glitter tip nail art

Winter nails-gold stripes with glitter tip nail art.

A beautiful and unique nail design.

“I do nails, what’s your superpower?” – unknown

Gold French nails

Winter nails-gold French nails.

Gold French tip nails are a great way to switch things up, especially around the holidays.

Simple minimalist French nails

Simple minimalist French nails for beautiful winter nails.

Elegant and simple.

Gorgeous Winter Nails

White nails and gold sparkles

Stunning winter nails-white nails with chunky gold sparkles.

The gold accents take this white polish to the next level.

“Life is too short to have naked nails.” – unknown

White and Grey nails with Christmas tree accent

Winter nails-white and gray nails with black Christmas tree nail accent.

Grey and white are classic winter colors and I love the look of these nails!

Grey nails with silver sparkle accent

Winter nails-grey nails with silver sparkle accent nail on ring fingernail.

Grey with sparkles.

White nails with gold cuticles

Stunning winter nails-white nails with gold cuticles.

Gray nails with white accents and blue glitter

Winter nails-grey nails with white accents and blue glitter.

I love the gray with the subtle blue glitter.

White and silver

Stunning White and silver winter nails.

Shades of Gray winter nail colors

Winter nails-shades of gray winter nail colors.

Red nails with red leaf nail design

Stunning winter nails-red nails with red leaf nail design on ring finger nail.

Red nails are classic and beautiful any time of the year.

Gray, white and silver with snowflake

Winter nails-gray, white and silver nails with snowflake on ring fingernail.

White nails with white sparkles

Winter nails-white nails with white sparkles on ring fingernail.

Nail Design Template for Creative Nail Art

Do you love to design your own nails or others? Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your nail designs? Are you looking for a teaching tool for yourself or others to learn nail design? Here is something special for you – a nail design template for creative nail art.

Nail design template printable pages for practising winter nails.

This Nail Design Template is a digital download that is a great tool for creative nail art. This is a downloadable printable (PDF file) that includes four popular nail shapes for you to get creative with! Coffin, almond, square and stiletto. These templates can be used to practise your designing skills, jot down your ideas or display your work. Each order comes with 5 pdf pages which you can print and/or upload to a painting app.


Winter Nail Hacks

Here are some winter nail hacks to have your winter nail art looking beautiful.

1. When applying a top coat, run the brush along the top edge (non-cuticle side) of the nail. This will seal in the raw edge of the polish to prevent chipping.

2. If your French mani still doesn’t come out perfectly the way you want it, there’s an easy way to hide you’re your mistakes without the frustration of having to start all over again. Get yourself a glitter pen from any stationery or craft shop and draw a line where the white meets the pink. Detailed instructions here.

3. Draw, don’t paint. While you can get some awesome nail art tools to make the drawing a bit easier, you can actually bypass all the fuss by using a good old sharpie! As long as you finish it off with a good top coat, the picture or pattern will stay put. Detailed instructions here.

4. Apply Vaseline to your skin around your nails before painting.
This will make for way easier cleanup when done. The Vaseline creates a barrier between your nail and your skin, so you can wipe off the Vaseline and take any mistakes with it! If you don’t have Vaseline handy, Elmer’s Glue will work in very much the same way.

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