Fabulous Fall Home Accents

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor fall home decor ideas, we’ve got some gorgeous fall wreaths, fall flower arrangements, fall mantel decor, fall porch, or fall pumpkin ideas to add autumn warmth and beauty to your home.

Fall Porch Decor

This beautiful fall flower/planter arrangement has a lemon cypress, along with an ornamental kale, a Vinca vine and a miniature white pumpkin.
Ornamental Pony Tail grass with white miniature pumpkins.
The pumpkins are from my daughter’s pumpkin patch.
This is a wreath I made from corn tassels. For instructions on how to make one for yourself, click here. This wreath will get lighter in color over time with sunshine on it.
This outdoor mat I purchased from a Hallmark card and gift shop. The centre of the mat comes out and you can switch it out for different themes, ie, winter, spring, or summer scenes, etc.
My petunias are still looking great so my decor is transitional from summer to fall:)
Fall table centrepiece filled with miniature pumpkins from my daughter’s pumpkin patch.

Fall Mantel Decor

For my fall mantel I used 3 real willow wood pieces that my husband made into candles for me, a combination of real(miniature white) pumpkins and faux(miniature orange) on top, along with faux foliage and wheat stalks. The leaf garland has miniature lights that add coziness in the evening. The pumpkins in the basket are from my daughter’s pumpkin patch. The painting was done by my mom.

I hope you enjoyed my fall home tour. To help celebrate all things fall:

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