14 Easy and Delicious Caramel Apple Recipes for Fall

Caramel apple recipes-homemade caramel apples.

Are you looking for fall recipes to help savor the season? A caramel apple recipe is a delightful and seasonal fall treat, and apples provide healthy benefits you won’t find in other sweet treats like cookies, cakes and candy.

Apples are nutrient dense and rich in antioxidants and fibre. Caramelized apples are easy because all you need are a few simple ingredients and any toppings you may like.

Here you’ll find easy and delicious caramel apple recipes for fall, including dipped apples and other caramel apple recipes that will have you happy it’s fall.

You can customize caramel apple toppings with favourites such as mini chocolate chips or m & m’s, chopped nuts , granola, chopped candy bar or crushed cookies such as oreos. These caramel apple recipes also make delicious additions to your meal planning for the week.

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Tips for Caramel Apples

  • To keep the caramel from sliding off the apples, allow the caramel sauce to cool for a few minutes before dipping the apples.
  • Feel free to use any kind of apple. Granny Smith apples are a popular choice as their tartness compliments the sweetness of the caramel.
  • wash the apples in very warm water so that the wax melts and comes off
  • Some people have better results with using apples chilled and some find using apples at room temperature a better choice. Maybe start out trying one of each and see which works best for you.
  • Place dipped apples on parchment paper instead of wax paper. The wax paper does not come off easily after the apples cool.
  • Caramel apples can last anywhere from 2 days to up to three weeks in the fridge

Homemade Caramel Apples

This from-scratch caramel is buttery, sweet, and if cooked a little longer, is also excellent for soft caramel candies. This festive fall dessert is always fun to make, decorate, serve, and eat!

Caramel apple recipes-Homemade Caramel Apples.

Check it out here.

Gourmet Caramel Apples

“These classic fall treats are quite easy to make, and yield impressive results. Dress up your caramel apples with chocolate, nuts, or small candies to create an extra beautiful and decadent dessert.”

Caramel apple recipes-Gourmet Caramel Apples.

Check it out here.

Crockpot Caramel Apples

This crockpot method is a fool proof way for caramel apples.

Caramel apple recipes-Crockpot Caramel Apples.

Check it out here.

Easy and Delicious Caramel Apple Recipes for Fall

Caramel Apples for Halloween

Looking for Halloween food ideas for a party? Caramel Apples are a sweet treat everyone loves this time of year. Make them extra special with a spiced twist.

Caramel apple recipes-Caramel Apples for Halloween.

Check it out here.

Caramel Apple Bar

Caramel apple recipes-Caramel Apple Bar.

Check it out here.

Caramel Apple Board Ideas

Put out all of your caramel apple toppings, apple slices, and sticks on a board and let people make their own caramel apple slices! It’s the perfect alternative to a traditional caramel apple bar!

Caramel apple recipes-Caramel Apple Board Ideas.

Check it out here.

Easy and Delicious Caramel Apple Recipes for Fall

Caramel Apple Slices

Caramel Apple Slices are a delicious twist on a fall classic that is easier to eat and enjoy at parties or just for fun!

Caramel apple recipes-Caramel Apple Slices.

Check it out here.

Mini Caramel Apples

These mini caramel apples are the perfect bite-size treat.

Caramel apple recipes-Mini Caramel Apples.

Check it out here.

Dairy Free Caramel Apples.

Delicious caramel apples are the perfect treat for fall! These are dairy free and allergy friendly.

Caramel apple recipes-Dairy Free Caramel Apples.

Check it out here.

Easy and Delicious Caramel Apple Recipes for Fall

Caramel Apple Bites

Looking for a simple treat that is sweet, salty, crunchy and delicious? These Caramel Apple Bites are it! This caramel apple bite recipe is the perfect snack for kids and adults. Plus, it’s super simple and gives you exactly what everyone craves during fall.

Caramel apple recipes-Caramel Apple Bites.

Check it out here.

No Added Sugar Apple Caramel Nachos

“Make this delicious recipe for no added sugar Sugar Free Apple Nachos with sugar free and healthy toppings in less than twenty minutes.”

Caramel apple recipes-No Added Sugar Apple Caramel Nachos.

Check it out here.

Easy and Delicious Caramel Apple Recipes for Fall

Granola-Dipped Caramel Apples Recipe

Coated with sweet caramel, white chocolate and crunchy granola, this caramel apples recipe is sure to have you back to the store for more apples!

Caramel apple recipes-Granola-Dipped Caramel Apples Recipe.

Check it out here.

Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice Copycat Drink

Caramel Apple Spice Drinks are a fall favorite among many because everyone loves a good piping hot apple drink even if you aren’t a coffee drinker or tea enthusiast.

Caramel apple recipes-Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice Copycat Drink.

Check it out here.

Easy and Delicious Caramel Apple Recipes for Fall

Salted Caramel Apple Granola

Caramel apple recipes-Salted Caramel Apple Granola.

Check it out here.

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